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CBC’s readers deliver from the front line

By the time you read this, I will have finally caught up entirely when it comes to returning reader inquiries.
The time afforded to finally accomplish this can be attributed, in large part, to the fact that Cleveland Business Connects will be publishing two issues over the next four months. Our November/December double-issue will hit the streets in mid-November; the ensuing February issue – CBC has never published a January edition – will arrive the final week of January.
Following up on messages and requests is an absolute in my book, even as that task inevitably falls toward the bottom of my daily to-do list. That I haven’t been able to deliver in due time 100 percent of the time is easily the least-favorite part of my role as editor. Regrettably, time is very scarce when factoring all of the editing, writing, and networking duties.
Not that we don’t appreciate reader inquiries and having to respond to them. To the contrary, we’re usually soliciting your questions and suggestions. Surely, you’ve seen one of my emails. To my delight, nearly 350 readers have responded to our recent editorial planning survey; another 425 to a survey on reader demographics.
Many of those responses have included suggestions as to what stories CBC should pursue. We particularly value these types of recommendations because often they are being delivered from the front lines of corporate Northeast Ohio. I can vouch that thus far in 2009 about half of CBC’s stories have been brought to you … by you.
With that in mind, CBC is seeking your help as we close out the year. Included in our November/December double-issue will be a special section in which we will profile 10 Northeast Ohio companies that have thrived in 2009 despite the poor economy. The firms that we recognize will be based wholly on your written nominations.
It is important to note that any local company – big or small, for-profit or nonprofit – is eligible. We understand that we may have scared away some nominations by coining the project as a “Top 10” list. Nominees will not be ranked exclusively by any type of metric. Our primary goal is to offer 10 compelling examples of corporate success.
As an editor, I always assume everyone has a great story to tell. And according to the recent responses to our surveys, CBC’s readership includes hundreds of public relations officials. If ever you wanted to tout yourself or a client, now’s the time to do it.
If you’re interested, please visit to fill out a nomination form. I can think of no better way to end the year than to recognize and celebrate the successes of some of Northeast Ohio’s top companies.

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