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Making the most of events can boost ROI

If we look at current marketing trends, we’d all agree that social media digital marketing — the promotion of brands, using the Internet, mobile, and other interactive channels as well as virtual events — is at the top of the list.

The savvy are using the media live from a tradeshow floor or during an exclusive VIP event. They are early adopters who understand the integration of all media. The goal from an events perspective is to use these media to help facilitate the one-to-many relationships. But the bottom line is that a company wants sales, and at the end of the day, when it comes to events, it’s that face-to-face interaction that makes the difference.

Whether you’re a small business or large corporation, it is time ask and determine the value that your company brings to events.

Refresh and Re-focus

Refresh yourself with the reasons why your company should have a role in specific events. Remember, it is important to communicate with sales what it is that brings you to your decisions regarding events as it relates to the marketing mix.

What does your company bring to conferences and events?

• Market context and a next-generation solution
• Opportunity to introduce and/or present the product, service or solution
• Expertise in the area
• Evidence to backup your claims
• The ability to reference customer metrics when applicable
• Your presence — present your products
• Economic profit (conference producers make money from sponsorship fees … sponsors should use and leverage to fullest)

Re-Focus on the audience’s reason for attending and leverage to your advantage:

• Gather data as part of contemplating “the buy”
• Peer-to-peer interaction creates a forum for validation of their decisions
• Your company sets the stage for leadership
• Executive and board participation are valuable hooks
• Scheduling “often requested” one-on-one time now available
• Sales leads often result from preliminary executive meetings

Today you’ll find a great deal of focus on ROI (return on investment) and what events bring to companies. Basically, if an event is performed correctly, externally you will see a greater response to your company’s product, service or solution with the integration of all media. Internally, it could be a boost in sales, a boost in production, and a boost in morale.

Allison Saget is an event marketing consultant and the author of “The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics & Planning.” Her Web site is She can be reached at


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