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Up in the air about event leads


Up in the air about event leads

By Allison Saget

When it comes to event leads, privacy and data protection continue to be an extremely hot topic, ranging from everything from opting-out on receiving promotional information to protecting customer identities when they stay at a conference hotel (remember the scene in the movie “Up in the Air?”).

It’s important to realize that the data you use onsite as well as collect from a conference, trade show, road show or partner dinner must be held and processed with the utmost care. Lead capture is critical to the development of your company’s business, especially in the current competitive or uncertain market environments.

Basically, privacy policies today say the same thing — we will not resell, reuse or share your information. As a company, you should be committed to privacy and data protections for your customers and prospects throughout the event process. There are some quick and easy reminders for you to use, so that when acquiring this info it has already complied with your company’s privacy program.

At a conference organized by a magazine, your sponsorship may include the access to the pre-attendee list, onsite list or final attendee list. It may be a combination of all three. Take full advantage as to what is offered to you and be prepared for adhering to policies, such as use by an independent third-party mail house to correspond with the attendee base.

Make sure you understand what data you are entitled to as part of your sponsorship and how often you can use it. If the magazine provided full contact info, is this for one-time use or multiple use? Be aware that both phone numbers and email addresses can be missing as well.

Here’s a way to get a handle around how an attendee’s privacy rights interact with your event strategy:

Your company, a partner, and an industry trade magazine (each a co-sponsor and collectively co-sponsors) agree that it may be mutually beneficial to jointly promote and market their respective products and services through a series of two-day conferences with follow-up seminars and a webinar that explain the combined benefits of their offerings to prospective customers.

Each of the three companies will issue its own invitations to a list of their customers and prospects to attend the events. The invitations will direct the attendee to a website developed and hosted by your company. The website will house the agenda, content, and logistics information regarding the event. The attendee registration will be confirmed via e-mail notification. Other materials such as conference brochures regarding the conference may be sent to the registrants by e-mail, direct mail or telemarketing. Each cosponsor will have access to the attendees contact information in order to initiate follow-up activities, either individually or in partnership with another co-sponsor or co-sponsors.

Allison Saget is an event marketing consultant and the author of “The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics & Planning.” Her website is She can be emailed at

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