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Make an Impact

Make an Impact

By Allison Saget

Have you noticed recently the large number of tradeshows, meetings, events, and conferences that are being held within the next three months? I have, and with eight upcoming major event programs on my plate, I have reminded myself that whether my clients are sponsoring, exhibiting, attending, or hosting an event, it’s important to remind them that a well-run program is an investment in the future.

For each event, I’ve set out to get the key contributors involved since the most critical part of any event plan is that it never, ever stands alone. It is an integral part of the overall marketing strategy, which includes public relations, advertising, direct marketing, telemarketing, online communications, research, social media, and most importantly, personal selling.

When you commit to events, it is your responsibility to use and leverage it to its fullest since events are the fastest and most cost-effective way to reach a qualified audience in a controlled environment. Therefore, before you set out to just do the event, review the specific sales initiatives and business objectives. (I always look for the hook — Why are we doing this and who is interested?)

  • Match the event schedule with the overall marketing plan so it’s timed with product releases, customer announcements, or research releases.
  • Get to know the sales pipeline. The dates of the event will impact sales. Create a master schedule and match the event to the quarter so you know where the activity falls in the sales cycle.
  • Events held the last few days of the quarter are tough. The sales department is busting their humps to close deals. Consider instead using events to accelerate closing the business.

While there’s no exact recipe, a creative team-oriented approach will provide the biggest impact.

Allison Saget is president of event marketing consulting firm EventBLT (, and author of “The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics and Planning.” She can be reached at

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