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Think Event Marketer

Think ‘Event Marketer’

By Allison Saget

Event marketers understand that the executive team has expectations when it comes to meetings, conferences, trade shows, and customer programs. The role of event marketer in a company is strategic. Event marketers are trained in disciplines such as advertising, PR, sales, and direct mail, not just production, operations, and logistics.

Within a company it is quite difficult to position yourself as an event marketer because the entry point of this type of job is logistics and planning aspect. You must have this as a skill set. The key is cutting above the noise and the “strategy” surrounding the logistics deliverables.

As an event marketer or a vice president of sales or a CXO you can reinvent your company’s brand recognition, lead generation, and thought-leadership stature simply by using your marketing materials effectively, by leveraging press coverage you’ve received, or by distributing whitepapers, research, case studies and testimonials from customers and partners that have been written or published.

With events, you can connect with your customer in some physical form on a real level and establish a relationship that you can follow up with a combination of personalized phone calls, scheduled appointments, and one-on-one e-mail communication.

Event marketers are entrenched in their company’s message and position. They think about how to extend the brand, leads, and thought-leadership position. For example: Did you think to have your logo in chocolate on the dessert plate during a seminar lunch or replace the hotel cocktail napkins with your company logo napkins and the product launch message? As the event marketer do you think of the logistics as a “strategic” opportunity?

Allison Saget is the president of event marketing consulting firm EventBLT and author of “The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics and Planning.” She can be reached at

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