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Addressing Dress Codes May Require Consultation

Addressing Dress Codes May Require Consultation

By Traci McBride

Q: As a manager of a local corporation, I find it difficult to confront staff on their appearance. Not only is it awkward situation, but, as a male, discussing this sensitive issue with female staff can be misconstrued. What would be the best approach?

A: First, I can completely relate to the sensitivity of the issue. Hopefully, your company has a written and specific dress code expressing not just what not to wear but also an outline with descriptive examples of what the company’s preference of what staff is expected to wear. If a company does not have these guidelines documented, or if they do but it’s outdated, TeeMcBee can address that as well.

Secondly, as a consultant, supporting businesses like yours is important. Engaging with TeeMcBee to tailor a presentation to a group of staff is the key, and removes the awkwardness from the management having to call out specific individuals on their attire. A group presentation can be built around your written dress code and can include the following:

  • Why personal appearance is important
  • The impact of an image
  • What your image says about your company
  • What attire is expected in today’s market place
  • The power of color
  • Your company’s dress standards document for each staff member
  • One-on-one personal shopping for key staff

When working with human resources management, I often hear stories of talented individuals who have invested in higher education and skills that the company values, but the employee’s image does not represent the company well. These companies have invested in my consulting services and the individual invested in the wardrobe that we selected together.

Traci McBride is a certified stylist and the owner of TeeMcBee Image Consulting Readers with image-related questions can send them to her at with “CBC Q” in the subject line.

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