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Revenue and Respect: The Ultimate Marketing Vision

By Katherine Miracle

We all want more revenue and a target market and team members who respect our brand, but too many times we forget the following method that grows revenue and respect.


Do your team members reflect your brand?
Do you bring equity to your brand?
What actions are you taking to build your brand from the inside out?

Think about it. How many times have you seen a billboard or advertisement that made you try a new restaurant or business just to find that, upon entering, you experience bad customer service?


My wise mentor Virginia Marti Veith says, “Inspect what you expect.” When I listened to this advice, I started to ask customers and clients, “Did I meet or exceed your expectations today?”

Try this. You will learn so much, and it will give you the information you need to engage your clients/customers to the next level of success.

Ask for Help:

In my work with companies, I see one person working on marketing and taking all the blame when something goes wrong. Marketing is a team sport!

Even if you are a one-person company, you need to get feedback from clients, potential clients, and your target market. Engaging accountability partners creates excellent marketing, and it is time for you to create a marketing advisory board.

Stop sending surveys to clients and create a high-touch event to ask clients and potentials clients for feedback. The high-touch event must be fun and engage honest feedback.

Marketing is not madness, be strategic and look at all options to create your optimal solution. Work smarter and not harder.

Katherine Miracle is the founder and owner of Miracle Resources, a consulting, training, and educational resource for businesses and nonprofits. Her websites are and She can be reached at 330.777.2003 ext. 100 and

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