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Teamwork the SMART Thing to Do

By Katherine Miracle

Internal marketing engages employees and breaks traditional marketing. Internal marketing engages the entire team and combines with employee engagement to create all marketing efforts as a team.

The engagement requires input and secure buy-in in order to motivate all employees and stakeholders to increase revenue by voicing their beliefs in the company and product.

Internal marketing is the vision in which every employee is engaged in securing customers. Metrics are agreed upon in a team setting, so the team can evaluate each team member’s success in bringing in revenue. Often each employee is given a promotional code, so if their friends/family buy a product or become a client, the team member is recognized for their efforts to secure the sale or new client.
Team charters often begin the teamwork marketing process.

Here is an example of a team charter meeting:

  • Step One: Employees engage in a visioning meeting using SMART Goals for each vision statement. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals are set. An example could be that all employees use current marketing brochures, websites while tracking with promotional codes to secure 300 new clients by Dec. 22, 2016.
  • Step Two: Employees list actions and behaviors that support the vision statement. Example: Action — Our team will meet quarterly for training to learn new ways to ensure we meet our goal.
  • Step Three: Behavior — Our team will communicate about ways to hit our goal using brainstorming. Negative or judgmental comments are not allowed. All lingering questions will be asked in the team meeting to eliminate confusion and gossip.
  • Step Four: Consequences — The team will set a self-imposed consequence if a goal is not met or actions and behaviors are not followed.

Team charters increase revenue and bond your team through communication and goal setting.  Your team will work smarter, not harder.

Katherine Miracle is the founder and owner of Miracle Resources, a consulting, training, and educational resource for businesses and nonprofits. Her websites are and She can be reached at 330.777.2003 ext. 100 and

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