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Let’s Build Your Brand

By Katherine Miracle

Not sure what career path to choose? Feel like something is missing from your life? Unsure how to market yourself to employers? Feeling lost in your personal and professional relationships? Want to hear people say your name when they talk about the one person they should contact, get to know, promote or hire?

Your brand begins with you. You project and reflect your brand and the brand of the company you work for by the words you choose, your body language, and how you react or respond to any situation. The people who you surround yourself with also reflect your brand. Even the ringtone you choose for your phone reflects your brand.

Don’t believe me? During a marketing audit for a large dealership, I witnessed the unthinkable. The customer was signing papers to buy a car and the salesperson’s phone went off blaring the song, “The _ itch is back” (just so you know I try not to swear so the word rhymes with witch but starts with a B). As the ringtone got louder, the salesperson said; “Oh, that’s my wife” The customer, a male, was not amused and walked over to the manager and stated; “I want another salesperson!”

Shocking as that is, it provides a lesson. Does your ringtone reflect your brand or does it amuse you? You may be thinking some customers would love that story and support the salesperson, but that’s not the point. The point is a salesperson that did all the work will not get a sale. Remember the dealer still got sale and the customer still got that car.

How is what you project in words, writing or actions hurting your sales? Could it be a Facebook status that was taken the wrong way? Could it be a situation when you reacted rather than responded?

This week ask three people to tell you your greatest strength and your greatest weakness (opportunity for growth). You will learn so much and get a better idea of what your project to the world.

Your brand is more than asking yourself, “What do I want to be?” Personal branding is building the strength to carry out what you want to see happen in your life and to understand that a plan you do not choose can happen. But the strength of your brand and your faith can help you overcome all obstacles.

To find your brand and how deep it is within you, visit and take the Jung Typology Test. When you take the test and submit it, you will get four letters. Visit Google and type in your four letters with the word “portrait.” Review your portrait and email me at if you want more details.

You will learn what makes you tick and why you make certain decisions. Enjoy having your loved ones take the test; it will help you in your relationship with them.

As you review your portrait, maybe you found items in your portrait you did not like. I know I did. I made a choice to learn from those items. This process helped me to be accountable. I needed to see that some reactions I had and some things I believed were not always true.

Building a brand means choosing responses and not reacting. Your reactions have severe consequences that cannot be reversed. Reactions and responses project who you are, the difference is responses project what you want!

What do you project? What do you want to project? Marketing Matters. Stay true to your brand.

Katherine Miracle is the founder and owner of Miracle Resources, a consulting, training, and educational resource for businesses and nonprofits. She can be reached at (330) 777-2003 ext. 100, and and


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