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Are You Breaking the No. 1 Rule of Marketing

By Katherine Miracle

The No. 1 rule of marketing with success revolves around communicating to clients when they are most receptive and when they need your services. If you want your customers or clients to fall in love with your products or services, they need to be open to your messages and be in the right mindset to listen.

Are you breaking the No. 1 rule of marketing — communicating when it is best for your client rather than when it is best for you?

Test yourself here to find out:

1. How do you like to communicate — text, email, phone, letter or face-to-face?
2. What do the people with whom you are trying to communicate do all day? Are they in meetings, with customers, driving or do they have lunch breaks?
3. Do you call people when you have down time?
4. How does the person you are trying to reach like to communicate?
5. Do you call people and ask them if they have time to talk?
6. If “yes” to No. 5, do they say yes but seem distracted when you talk?
7. Do you schedule phone calls using email or text?
8. Do you have a set time you talk to family, friends, co-workers and clients each week?
9. Have you answered the above questions and realized you communicate when it is convenient for you?

Your answers to these questions reveal how much marketing success you will enjoy.

Next time you call or send a text or email, consider your perfect client and what timing and type of message works for them.

Katherine Miracle is the founder and owner of Miracle Resources, a consulting, training, and educational resource for businesses and nonprofits. She can be reached at (330) 777-2003 ext. 100, and and

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