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Here’s One Comedian Who Cleans Up Nicely (No Joke)

By Traci McBride

Q: I’m a local business man and have been reading your column for the past year and wondered: What man’s style do you admire and why?

A: First, thanks for being a loyal reader and taking the moment to chime in with your question. I appreciate you!

My very first thought was Steve Harvey. Now, I must say back in the day as a comedian he wore some questionable looks, but he did achieve his goal in doing so — his audience loved him and kept its eyes on him! Fast forward to now: I really admire his confidence in putting together a unique look that is truly his signature style. He masterfully mixes prints and colors, and his suit fit is impeccable.

Steve also has a collection for sale for both men and woman of all sizes through K&G Fashions. Steve decided to be inclusive instead of exclusive; his goal was to be in a certain attainable price point for everyone to afford. So his fabrics will not be of the highest quality, but they will fit a niche that most designers wouldn’t dream of providing. Steve remembers where he started.

Traci McBride is a certified stylist for men and women and the owner of TeeMcBee Image Consulting. She can be reached at (440) 670-0440, (place “CBC Q” in the subject line if you have a question) or

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