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What Statement Sums Up You and Your Business?

By Katherine Miracle

Do you need revenue? Do you wonder why your company’s sales and marketing are not working?

The answer is in your brand and the brand of everyone who represents your company.

Your brand is a promise. It is your truth. But the people selling your product or service may not see it and have call reluctance and lack confidence. Your company brand is only as strong as how it is represented, so let’s look at your truth.

Living your truth is the only way to be authentic. Sometimes that is scary, so let’s learn from Oprah Winfrey, someone who took the plunge to share her truth.

Her story of struggle and tough decision is powerful. The decision was made to make her television show helpful to every viewer by providing solutions to their problems. Oprah brought in Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, and her personal trainer to help her audience succeed. My feeling is that she became her audience’s life coach, and we learn from her that the value she gives is what makes her unique. We also learn that your message helps you connect to people.

What message are you really sharing? What is your campaign to help your customers/clients? What is the value you give that makes you unique?

Please know it may be that you have excellent product knowledge or you have exceptional customer service. What do you hear people say about you? This is a clue to the value you bring to others.

What value do you give that makes you unique? The answer to that question is your brand within your company brand. What you project reflects your company brand, so consider using your voice and communication to show your unique value.

Your company shares a message to the world, and your message can promote your company message.

Example: If your company is in the financial industry, and your value is helping people make sense of difficult financial situations, your brand is to be the first person that people call when they need knowledge, education, and systems to overcome problems. Your statement to the world would be that people must have education, resources, and knowledge to make good decisions.

What is your one statement to the world? If I put you on CNN, and it is your time to say one statement about what you believe, what would you say?

Do you live that statement every day? Do you share it with your words and actions?

Your voice reflects your brand, so make a commitment to share your value and your message to the world everyday.

Katherine Miracle is the founder and owner of Miracle Resources, a consulting, training, and educational resource for businesses and nonprofits. She can be reached at (330) 777-2003 ext. 100, and and


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