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Founder Deborah Wasylko credits a variety of methods for increasing her 2013 client base by 25 percent and revenue growth by 35 percent. She catered to existing customers by creating a client-touch gift program that revolved around small gifts that cost less than $15, such as candy boxes, healthy snacks, and chocolates. Clients purchased them to reach a large audience, often by mail. Baskets Galore, after purchasing a ribbon printer in August and adding a staff member to set up and produce the ribbon, invited corporate customers to add customized ribbons to their gifts. Wasylko, instead of presenting a traditional PowerPoint presentation when visiting clients, developed a process she calls “tasteful break” to reach new clients. Using elegant china and napkins, she would set up three to five snacks for a group of decision-makers to sample. While they were enjoying the snacks, she would ask questions, brainstorm with the group, and begin developing a custom gift program to meet their needs. “Let’s face it – people love food and snacking,” Wasylko says. “Trying a variety of new snacks would get everyone in a positive mood right from the start and made the entire meeting more interactive. As a result, we consistently saw a significant positive change in the tone and results from a tasteful break meeting versus our more traditional presentation.” Baskets Galore also invested in a commercial space to better serve a growing number of customers.

Runners-Up: The Gifted Basket; Gino’s Awards; Team Promotions; Ten10 Design.

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