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By Patricia Faulhaber  |  Photo by Thomas Skernivitz

The demand for more living space in Cleveland is on the rise. Buyers from young professionals to empty nesters who want to live within walking distance of a downtown lifestyle are creating an increasing demand, and areas such as the Flats are responding with new developments.

Jake Lohser says buying or renting in the city has a few additional considerations beyond buying in a traditional suburb. Lohser is a licensed real estate agent with Keller Williams Greater Cleveland and the exclusive agent and content creator for He’s also an expert on real estate in downtown Cleveland and surrounding hotspots including the Tremont and East Fourth Districts, Detroit Shoreway, Market Square, and Ohio City, among others. 

“When I got my real estate license in 2005, I was interested in real estate in downtown Cleveland and I realized there wasn’t a place where you could go to get information about the different areas around the city,” Lohser says.

“I started visiting all of the locations around the city, taking photos and gathering information, and started my own website as a way to provide a central information site. Then, I made a connection with, which is a national website that offers the ability for a local agent to enter content about their local markets.”

One factor creating the increased demand, Lohser says, is the number of the medical residents coming into the area to work at one of the major hospitals. Many young professionals are looking at Cleveland as “a cool place to live.” The demand is only getting stronger. 

“Places like Market Square and Ohio City have their store fronts filled and there are plenty of restaurants, and the condo options there are selling in less than 30 days. People are excited about this area and real estate values are going up,” Lohser says.

Areas like the East Fourth District, The Flats, and Detroit Shoreway are all seeing a renaissance because the planning and development in those areas have been in progress for several years and are coming to fruition. And buyers are responding. Lohser says his company can help anyone looking to move into these areas. 

The first step is to look through to see the options available in all of the different areas. A face-to-face consultation with a real estate agent will help the buyer identify specific needs. The consultation can also help list the pros and cons of buying versus renting.

Making a connection with a lender and getting a pre-approval for a loan is important. Lohser says after getting the amount the buyer is pre-approved for, he can help them determine how much they can spend when the mortgage payment, taxes, insurance, and HOA (Home Owner Association) fees are all added into a final monthly payment. 

Places like market Square and ohio city have their store fronts filled. there are plenty of restaurants, and the condo options there are selling in less than 30 days. people are excited about this area, and real estate values are going up.

There are specific considerations for the buyer to determine, such as whether they want covered parking, whether they are interested in green space, do they want an area that has good access to the water front or beach access, and do they want amenities such as a gym? Other questions include do they have a pet, do they need to be close to their work, and do they need additional storage among other considerations?

After the buyer determines their specific needs and finds their price point, Lohser prepares a top-five list of places to visit. He wants the buyer’s time to be productive and wants to show places that are a good match for their idea of a perfect place to live. 

“With what’s been happening downtown with the Casino, Convention Center, theatre district, Flats, Lakefront, and other developments, Cleveland has become a really great place to live,” Lohser says. “I’m glad I’ve invested my career in helping people make educated buying decisions and in helping them find living space that will also serve as an investment.”  

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