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Tapping the Marketing Power of LinkedIn

Miracle-120By Katherine Miracle

Here are some LinkedIn tips to help market your business:

  • Do you list the words to describe you in your profile as the titles you want to be known for? Please list only the titles that you want to be considered an expert in. The clients and jobs you will be contacted for are a direct reflection of the words you choose.
  •  If you need to market to jobseekers, please use the LinkedIn job seeker app.
  •  Does your summary have “wow” factor? If not, add a return on investment bullet point to show what you and your company bring to clients. (See my profile on LinkedIn to see this in action.)
  •  Set Google alerts on the topics you want to share. Read the article and comment on the article in your post. Did you know Google alerts are free?
  •  Endorse your connections by clicking the endorse button. This is a great thing to do while you are waiting for a meeting to start. You can endorse people and they will return the favor.
  •  Stop asking for recommendations. Recommend people and LinkedIn will automatically ask the person you recommended to return the favor and recommend you.
  •  Check out LinkedIn ads under business services. You will be surprised at the cost effectiveness and the amazing reach these ads provide.
  •  Create an event and share the link so you can invite your connections and engage them.
  •  Watch out for bad discussions. The endless comments can be exhausting, and people can use your forum to promote themselves. Be cautious by watching discussions in your area of expertise before you join in.
  •  Are you writing content? If not, start smart: write three quick tips per week, and it will get easier because you are helping people, and that motivates you to write more often!
  •  Know your brand: If you and your company are working to create a brand online, consider aligning your content with your goals. Example: International brands may post hundreds of times a day across social media. On LinkedIn consider posting articles you want to share, articles you write, invitations to events, infographics, newsworthy information, engaging video, and inspiring quotes. How many times you post a day is up to you but consider … are people really reading what you post? Please take the time to read over what you post and consider how someone you never met would describe you based on what you post on LinkedIn.

Do you want to be a LinkedIn influencer? It is an invitation-only program. So you need to establish a nationwide presence. So consider these steps:

Write great articles and post every day and, if possible, several times a day.

  1. Follow Huffington Post on LinkedIn and comment on their articles.
  2. Be an active in the LinkedIn groups of which you are a member.
  3. Follow LinkedIn channels
  4. Participate in Twitter chats.

Katherine Miracle is the founder and owner of Miracle Resources, a consulting, training, and educational resource for businesses and nonprofits. She can be reached at (330) 777-2003 ext. 100, and and



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