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What Are Your Pain Points?

Fuhr-120By Thomas Fuhr

Do you know what the pain points are in your business? Every business has pain points, those areas that cause chaos, conflict or customer disappointment. Many times you and your staff are too busy dealing with the day-to-day issues that you do not spend the time to look deeply at what causes pain in your organization.

Here are some typical pain points:

  • Communication between departments: Are departments supporting each other or blaming each other when problems arise?
  • Project execution: When projects are launched, is there an expectation that key dates will be met, goals will be achieved?
  • Sales order communication: You have received the order, do you really understand the details of what the customer wants?
  • Workload balance: Are some job roles swamped while others have extra time? Is there a bottleneck in your workflow due to a specific job role?
  • Clear expectations for employees: Are you effectively communicating with your employees through an appraisal system or regular performance reviews?

Every business has them and with a little effort you can identify a clear list of opportunities. Next, break down your opportunities into groups based on impact and ease to implement. Focus on the high-impact and easy-to-implement tasks or projects. If your staff or departments typically do not work well together, look for the easy solutions that you can build success for the more challenging problems to address later. As you are aware, change is difficult for most people, even if you think it is a minor change and will actually help them in their job.

Develop a clear plan of what projects or tasks will be completed by whom and when and measure the results. As you complete the first wave of improvements, begin a second wave of tasks or projects, which are typically more complex and have a longer timeframe. The most important point is not to give up or get distracted. Stay on course with regular cross-functional reviews to keep everyone informed on the progress and celebrate successes.

If you find that you or your staff can’t dedicate the time to effectively develop and execute the plan, look for someone in your organization that may be ready for a developmental opportunity or bring someone in a leader from outside the organization. The most important point is not to ignore the pain points because your pain may become more intense.

Thomas Fuhr is the owner of Fuhr Coaching Enterprises that provides business process consulting, and business transition and leadership coaching. He can be reached at (440) 591-5540, and


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