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By Lauren Sable Freiman  |  Photo by Brad Hartig

As a male in his mid-40s without young children, Tom Kramer doesn’t want Pampers diaper ads popping up on his digital devices. “It’s not good for Pampers, and it’s not good for me,” the president and co-founder of Essex Digital Platform says. “If there is a way to target new parents, that is helpful to advertisers and good for consumers.”

And, there is a way to target new parents. In fact, the company Kramer co-founded with Mark Dolan works with advertisers to target any specific group an advertiser desires, using their proprietary, cutting-edge online marketing platform. 

‘We deliver online advertising that is targeted only to those specific audience segments the advertiser wants to reach,” Kramer says. “We work with dozens of data providers that help us to target over 60,000 unique audience attributes online – from gender, age, household income, and net worth to interests, past purchases, religious affiliations, and charitable giving.” 

While Kramer’s data sources can target individuals based on very specific information, Kramer is quick to note that the data is completely anonymous and cannot be tracked back to any specific individual. Neither the advertiser nor the consumer is in any danger of having its personal data compromised through such targeted digital marketing. 

“We’re not hackers,” Kramer says. “We’re not hacking anyone’s data. The data we use in every instance is information you’ve volunteered. When you sign up for something like a store loyalty card, your data is being aggregated for marketing purposes, but it’s private and anonymous.” 

According to Kramer, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. While marketers are looking for those most interested in engaging them for their products and services, consumers are looking for companies that can connect them with the services they desire. In essence, Essex Digital Platform plays matchmaker by connecting the two parties.

Kramer’s client list includes international, national, regional, and local clients, most of whom have revenue in excess of $1 million. Live Nation Premium Seats, GE Lighting, the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Monte Ahuja College of Business at Cleveland State University, and the Cuyahoga County Public Library are just some of the varied companies and organizations working with Kramer and his seven person team to target their advertising. 

The company is able to help in all aspects of creating, targeting, and delivering a digital strategy. 

When you sign up for something like a store loyalty card, your data is being aggregated for marketing purposes, but it’s private and anonymous.

“We’re full service,” Kramer says. “We’re happy to help you target and deliver your ads and your strategy online or you’re welcome to engage us to develop your comprehensive online marketing strategy. We do both and everything in between.” 

There is no end to the rabbit hole that is the digital marketing industry, Kramer says, and he always has his eye on the next way to get in front of an audience. Essex Digital Platform is actively engaged in inserting 15- and 30-second commercials into digital streams, such as Hulu Plus and Crackle, which Kramer says is an emerging trend in the industry. They are also having conversations about possibilities that are still years in the future – ideas such as dynamic ad insertion into live television.

“Newspaper, magazine, and print advertising saw a decline, radio saw a decline, and now television is seeing a decline,” Kramer says. “The reason is because more and more money is finding its way into the online area. In the next several years, it will be the No. 1 revenue-generating form of marketing around the world.”  

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