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Today’s Strategies to Advance Your Career

By Sunny Klein Lurie

In this competitive job market, you need more than time on the job and the right degree to advance your career. The most valued employees in organizations often incorporate some of the strategies below to help them move ahead.

  1. Be clear about your strengths and interests. When you look at people who continue to advance and grow in their career, you see individuals who have high self-awareness about their strengths and passions. Many successful people, including well-known names such as Oprah and Richard Branson of Virgin Air, have said a condition for great achievement is passion. When your strengths, interests, and passions are applied in your work, your potential and enthusiasm are limitless. Once you clarify your strengths and interests, you’ll be a powerful force when striving to reach your career goals.
  2. Be eager to learn and share your knowledge. As industries change and companies try new ideas to remain in business, they need employees who are eager to not only learn but share knowledge. People who enjoy gaining new information and sharing ideas with others are priceless to organizational growth. With the information supply doubling every five years, more information has been produced in the last 30 years than during the previous 5,000. Keeping up with industry trends is essential.
  3. Be a great relationship builder. Look beyond the confines of your department. Get out and connect with colleagues, mentors, and customers because people will help advance and do business with individuals they know and like. Being a great relationship builder is one of the most important skills for success you will ever learn. Today people who do not think and act collaboratively are seen as poor leaders or team players. Remaining isolated is a path toward failure. In today’s competitive marketplace, your most plentiful resource is people.
  4. Be open to change. All companies are dealing with change. Employees resistant to change are the first to go, while those with a proven tolerance for handling uncertainty and change are often embraced. Businesses need people who believe change is an opportunity rather than an obstacle. If you are open to trying new approaches, you raise your value. If you are recognized as flexible, you become an important asset. Get comfortable being uncomfortable with change.

Sunny Klein Lurie is the CEO of Fast Focus Careers and author of the new book, “Jolt Your Career From Here to There: 8 Breakthrough Strategies for Career-Change Success.”

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