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Is the New Year/New You Realistic?

By Traci McBride

McBride-120As soon as Dec. 26 arrives, every other email or Facebook posting is about resolutions, health improvement, diets, getting organized, finances, buying a house, remodeling your house, and head-to-toe makeovers. In my many years on this earth, and with my experience in the business of image, it seems most of us won’t make huge sweeping changes. And if someone does make huge sweeping promises, they promptly forget them on some list on their smart phone and then go back to the usual day to day. Heck it’s usually freezing outside and all our bodies want to do it hibernate and eat comfort foods, right?


Perhaps you are ready for a different approach — Change One Thing. Tiny, little, small, medium or large. Your choice. Perhaps it’s matching up your socks. Some of you might consider that tiny, but since it’s my least favorite thing to do (I really don’t understand why), I think it’s a large task. Yes, in full disclosure I have been known to buy more socks to avoid pairing up the bins of socks I own. Silly to some, but we all have something we avoid for apparently no reason.

Here are some Change One Thing personal image options:

McBride-0115-2Perhaps you’ve been wearing the same style of eyeglasses for a few years, and this one thing could easily modernize your look. Be bold. Order in your power color or a print.

McBride-0115-3Another common situation I see is building a wardrobe of all black. Now I like black too, but all black, day after day, will zap your energy and make you invisible. Perhaps 2015 is your year to change one thing with color contrast.

McBride-0115-4Perhaps you are ready to change one thing by adding detail. Stand out from the crowd and jazz up your expression of personal style.

Perhaps it’s a boutonniere or upgrading to leather. These details communicate polish, success, sophistication and credibility in more ways than you might realize.

McBride-0115-6Perhaps getting more looks out of what you already own is the “change one thing.” Have you ever played with your clothes? I like to call it master the mix. Blocking out time to do this for a few hours can really elevate your look and save you a bundle. Many times it’s not adding more to your wardrobe — it’s about getting more out of the wardrobe you already own.

McBride-0115-7Have you been wearing the same scent for years? Step out of your box and shop for a fresh new statement scent.

Keep it simple and just change one thing. What usually happens is you will get such a nice feeling and feedback from others that you will want to change one more thing and another one after that.

What is your change one thing? I would love to hear from you on my Facebook page or in an email. Happy New Year!

Traci McBride, the chief stylist of TeeMcBee Image Consulting, is dedicated to men and women who are ready to harness the power of their personal image using the most common tool, clothing. She offers support to companies that want to ensure staff at every level communicates the best of themselves and the company brand by elevating and not diminishing the investment of branding.



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