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CCA Corporate Event Gift/Promotions Company of the Year — Baskets Galore (CEO and founder Deborah Wasylko [left] and Lead Designer Kelley Chin pictured)

More than ever, corporate clients knew where to find Deborah Wasylko in 2014. The CEO and founder of Baskets Galore opened a retail store in the Brunswick Town Center. Although renovating the facility and relocating from a small showroom was a “huge task” — Wasylko experienced knee surgery and a death in the family — the move paid dividends. “Little did we know that our new retail location would become a hit so quickly,” she says. “Corporate clients started to pop in on a daily basis … which justified our decision to expand.”

Baskets Galore also launched an employee recognition and engagement gift program that allowed business owners and HR professionals to give small, thoughtful gifts that express gratitude or celebrate project milestones. Wasylko partnered with PolyOne, which needed support for a college recruitment campaign that consisted of 50 students the company was interviewing. “They wanted the gift to remind candidates of PolyOne and Cleveland and to be geared to a 20-year old,” she says. “To address this challenge, we filled the gift with popular Cleveland snacks and PolyOne custom ribbon. We used a cost-effective basket box, which allowed us to stay within budget while allocating more of the budget to a variety of ready-to-eat snacks.”

Wasylko also received a design patent on a packaging system called the “360.” The 360 allows Baskets Galore to brand and customize containers that can be used by its clients for personalized gifting and to market their companies. In particular, Sherwin Williams partnered with BG to implement an employee engagement program with a custom-designed 360. “All gifts needed to be delivered in a timely manner, but Sherwin wanted to order gifts at the beginning of the year and not worry about deployment,” Wasylko says. “We set up a schedule for Sherwin in which canisters were ordered and printed; however, they were filled as needed so that fresh snacks could be delivered and enjoyed as needed.”

As Baskets Galore expanded, so did its visibility in the gifting industry. Wasylko spoke at the 2014 National Gift Basket Convention aboard the Queen Mary in San Diego. She presented at other prestigious events, including The Women’s Journal EmpowerHER Conference and Raquel Eatmon’s Woman of Power Convention at Landerhaven..

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