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CCA Corporate Event Floral Design Company of the Year — Blooms by Plantscaping (Vice President Arne Klein pictured)

On one hand, it’s an honor for Blooms by Plantscaping to have been continually involved with the annual Scott Hamilton C.A.R.E.S. Initiative since the event was conceived 15 years ago. On the other hand, it’s always a challenge to dazzle many of the same guests that the floral design company has served year after year inside the Renaissance Cleveland Hotel. But then again, Blooms had already challenged itself entering 2014 to present more of a “wow” factor while doing so for less money. And that it did.

The Renaissance being a busy hotel, Blooms had only one day to fully install all décor for the Scott Hamilton event. “We are very proud of the fact that we were able to pull off another wonderful event while also having two other very large weddings at different locations on the same day,” Plantscaping President Nancy Silverman says. “We worked very hard the week leading up to the event – everyone worked overtime to ensure that all of the events would go off without a hitch. Although we had a limited crew, and were extremely exhausted by the event date, we still found a way to be successful. Teamwork was our driving force, and our ultimate goal was making sure the event was perfect! In the end, all of our hard work definitely paid off. Scott Hamilton himself has said, ‘How do you guys do it? It gets better every year.’”

At the Cleveland Museum of Art, Blooms design the floral arrangements for the , Society of 1866, an annual presented by University Hospitals. “Because this was our second year at the museum, we were able to adjust to the time constraints imposed on us for the installation and takedown of the event,” Silverman says. “Because of these adjustments, we were more efficient, especially in our installation process. These adjustments, along with excellent teamwork, allowed us to pull off another successful event. The CEO was indeed very pleased and stated that this was the best event in the Society’s history.”

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Runners-up: Flowerville; Neil Leeson Decor Floral; Something New Florist and Events; The Urban Orchid.


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