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CCA Corporate Event Exhibit Company of the Year — International Exposition (I-X) Center (Creative Director Kirk Reau [left] and Vice President of Business Development Jeremy Levine pictured)

Despite hosting 59 events in 2014, the I-X Center would like to dispel the notion that it is only a “big venue.” All show management corporate display work and countless custom exhibits are specifically created, designed, produced, installed, and dismantled onsite by I-X for its customers. “We run an in-house creative shop, providing CAD design and large format graphic/banner production,” Jeremy Levine, the vice president of business development at the privately managed facility, says. “In conjunction, it manages a massive inventory of hard wall/truss components and various decorating elements that formulate one-of-a-kind show entrances, exhibits and booth displays seen by nearly 2 million visitors each year. … In other words, I-X Center is a one-stop shop for all event-related services, particularly exhibits.”

Levine offers unique perspective in regard to the I-X Center’s eight self-produced events, which include the Pro Football Hall of Fame Fan Fest and Fabulous Food Show. “Given the fact that I-X is directly responsible for creating and branding each facet of the entire production for each of its own shows, from floor planning, exhibit sales and thematic design to marketing and customer service, each one of these events taken in its entirety is categorically a corporate exhibition,” he says.

The I-X Center exhibit design and production is run by a full-time yet surprisingly small team, especially when considering the volume of work and number of exhibiting stakeholders involved. Led by Kirk Reau (creative director), Mary Nemitz (director of operations/decorating manager), Mike Davis (exhibit manager), Mike Dick (CAD designer), and Ben Simonson (graphic designer), the unit constantly overcomes the obstacles of limited time and staffing resources to continually exceed customer expectations, Levine says.

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Runners-up: Ohio Displays Inc.; Rock The House; Skyline Event Services.


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