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CCA Corporate Event Rental Company of the Year — L’Nique Linens (Kristin Augusta, Tim Horvath, Deidre Dockman, Scott Justice, Wendy Oliveros, Steve Zimmer, Angela Klodnick, and Vince Iannaggi pictured from left to right)

L’Nique Linens spent 2014 in the “red” — and loved every minute of it. After two years, hundreds of hours, and thousands of dollars, the company released its Red Book. At nearly 100 pages, the book depicts hundreds of L’Nique’s fabrics, chargers, and accessories while including photos of local events that had been taken by regional photographers, florists, and event designers. The Red Book was delivered to each of the company’s clients, who in turn were able to share ideas and fabric swatches with their clients. “The reception of the book resulted in accolades and appreciation from our clients,” Vince Iannaggi, the Director of Business Development at L’Nique, says. “The book that was built with the intention to help streamline product information has instead become a book of inspiration for our clients and prospects.”

Other goals accomplished last year included the extension of product lines and redevelopment of the L’Nique family corporate culture. “Just as our team personally dedicated itself to being the best, L’Nique leadership worked tirelessly to create a culture of family,” Iannaggi says. “Like family, we celebrated everything from birthdays to Halloween and everything in between.” The co-workers consoled each other, too. “We lost a beloved member of our family. With his unexpected death, our family grieved, our organization was left with a hole, and the dynamics of our organization were dramatically impacted,” Iannaggi says. “This death proved to be one more test of the family culture L’Nique had worked so hard over the years to build. Through this hard time, we rallied together, supported each other and have grown stronger together.”

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