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How Digital Marketing Can Help Shape Your Traditional Strategies

By Heather Kramer

Change is happening — and happening quickly — in the marketing and advertising space. Advertising spending in the United States is expected to increase by 4.9 percent to almost $166 billion in 2012, compared to $158.3 million in 2011. Television will continue collecting the largest part of the expenditure, but online advertising is catching up and is projected to record the highest growth rate among all media – 16.6 percent.

As someone who has had the good fortune to work with some of the best and brightest of marketers in our region and nationally, it has become very apparent that there is a case for integrating your digital and traditional marketing efforts to maximize media buying efficiency. Modern technology and recent advancements in online data collection, reporting, and integration gives marketers a wealth of information to utilize in other forms of media – we call this “extensible data.”

The data revealed with a simple online campaign may disclose important information about how your target audience may respond to your radio/print/TV outreach. Here are a few examples of the kind of data you can collect from running a targeted online display campaign:

Audience Behavior: How your target audience interacts with your brand’s website, social media, paid and organic search, and display advertising.

Audience Demographic Composition: Which age/gender, political affiliation, job title, etc., resonates the most with your message or ads.

Geo-Location: Where do people live/work who interact with your message?

Content Categories: Which websites or publisher categories drive the most traffic to your website or landing page?

Daypart: What time of day are users interacting with your brand the most? Is there a connection between time of day and purchase or conversion activity?

Message: Which advertising message or image resonates the most with your audience (A/B testing). How many times does someone need to see your ad before they take action? What is the right frequency?

All of these categories of data may also reveal NEW audience or product opportunities by exposing response/interactions different than what you previously thought. Imagine if you thought your target audience was males age 25 to 35, and you discovered that women ages 18 to 25 primarily buy your product online, with the highest activity being between midnight and 3 a.m. on weekends? You would have a brand new targeting metric to extend throughout your entire media mix.

The days of “setting and forgetting” your advertising campaigns are bygone. New technologies and advertising processes can now give marketers access to “real time” analytics and decision making power – lending new efficiencies across your media mix and marketing objectives.

Heather Kramer is the director of strategy and digital media with Essex Digital Platform. She can be reached at, @essex_digital, @mi2cnts4u, and

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