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Are Your Public Relations Plans Supporting Your Marketing?

By Katherine Miracle

Public relations impacts your marketing efforts, although people often think of public relations as being your company’s name in print, which is only a small part of public relations. The more your target market sees and hears about your product/company, the easier it becomes to sell your product or service.

Check your public relations strategy to figure out if your brand is represented by key points that your target market thinks are important. To ensure success, make sure your product/company can prove the assets you share. Too often great service is promoted, then not delivered. A secret shopper/focus group can help you learn the truth about your product/company. Once you can justify the messages you are promoting, check that all messages and activities that reach your target market look appealing and meet the needs of your target market. Example: “The worlds toughest job” campaign from P&G created a “thank-you, mom” action component that grabbed the hearts of the target market that buys P&G products.

Once you have figured out the message, the next step is to figure out what media would be best to reach your target market. This could be print, social platforms, mobile, video or multimedia. Make sure to do research on all ways to reach your target market by finding out what your target market is reading, listening to, and watching.

There are many ways to get a message across to the public. Search for awards, contests, and publishing opportunities. These opportunities can give your product or service increased awareness and credibility. Human-interest stories are also beneficial to a company’s reputation. Social media sites are a cost-effective way to get out your PR campaign and engage customers in contests, activities, and events.

Once you have your message picked out and know where to distribute it, it’s time to measure your results. This step is crucial to determining the effectiveness of the PR strategy. You want to ask yourself:

  • Was the tone of the message correct?
  • Were the messages conveyed in the way you wanted?
  • What results did you experience due to the publicity/awareness?

You want to figure out how your target audience interpreted those messages. These questions are important to consider when determining if what you did was effective.

This public relations strategy is meant to generate more positive exposure for your business. By following the steps above should be enough to get a strategic plan in place that will increase sales and good will with your target market.

Public relations ideas:

  • Weekly education column
  • Events to engage your target market
  • Campaign to bond your target market to your product/company
  • Enewsletter
  • Book signings
  • Human-interest stories
  • Press conferences
  • Contests to engage customers
  • Press releases

Consider the following criteria as you create press releases:

  • What is the topic of this event or project that makes it newsworthy?
  • Provides new jobs?
  • Benefits the community?
  • Expansion?
  • Involves a large number of people?
  • Economic impact?
  • Offers a solution?
  • Celebrity component?
  • Honor or award?

As a former newspaper reporter, I was blessed to work with people who submitted press releases that showed the human side and contained all the information I needed to cover their stories. Please know, reporters need a hook and a headline that makes them want to read your press release and run your story.

The best relationships with media are created by understanding the needs of what reporters are looking for and finding news that helps them fulfill their needs. Do not offend reporters by sharing information that is not in their area of reporting. Example: Do not send a press release on a grand opening of your engineering firm to the sports editor unless you have a sports celebrity cutting the ribbon at your grand-opening event.

Your public relations efforts can and will drive revenue when they support your marketing efforts. Your creativity and engagement with your target market is crucial to showcasing the value proposition of your product/company.

Katherine Miracle is the president of Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness. She is a personal branding expert and the author of “Ignite Your Revolution.” Please connect with via email or Twitter.


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