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Ten great digital marketing resources

By Heather Kramer

Almost daily, people ask me how I “KNOW” so much about digital marketing and technology. The truth is I’m a sponge of information in this space, and I spend a lot of time reading industry news, blogs, and website content to stay current and “in the know.” I also spend a great deal of one-on-one time with many marketers, giving me front-row seating to the challenges and insights they face daily, trying to integrate the fast-paced nuances of the digital wormhole.

I thought I would put together a list of my favorite “go-to” digital marketing blogs/websites as a resource for everyone who is struggling to stay relevant, and inspired to learn. Pro tip: subscribe to emails, blog updates, and social accounts to get updated information from these leading digital marketing resources. Technology and business analysis, blogs, and free webinars. Leading advertising industry publisher – focus on digital topics, blogs, infographics. : Industry publisher of all things digital, including blogs and infographics. : Publisher of tech news and insights. : Digital media optimization news and discussion. : News and information dedicated to the interactive advertising marketplace. Twitter account for all things related to social media, curated by Jeff Pester, @uniquevisitor. : Aggregate site for top technology and marketing news/insights. : Aggregate site for anything that tickles your fancy! Use the search bar to look for thousands of topics and lists relating to anything tech. : Information, tips, tricks, and tools for the digitally hungry marketer.

Of course, there are many more online resources for finding great information about digital media/technology/marketing trends and tips. Let me know what your favorites are.

Heather Kramer is the director of strategy and digital media with Essex Digital Platform. She can be reached at, @essex_digital, @mi2cnts4u, and LinkedIn.



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