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Trends and technologies to evaluate for 2016 marketing plans

By Heather Kramer

The days are getting shorter, and the temps are dropping in Cleveland. Sure as the pumpkins blaze orange, most media and marketing professionals are beginning to put together marketing plans for 2016.

Still, many have questions about the best way to tackle Omni channel messaging (desktop, mobile, social, broadcast, etc) while utilizing the most current technology debuts.

Here is a short list of trends and technologies (and pros/cons of each) to put on your “research” list if you are not implementing strategies/tactics already:

  1. Automation: Programmatic media buying has become a hot trend in the digital industry over the past few years. Pros: Brands and agencies are able to take advantage of efficient online media buys by scheduling digital campaigns via an automated platform regulated by algorithms. Similarly, automation has invaded the PR/earned media space, as well as other facets of digital media marketing – email, paid social, etc. Cons: Automation – algorithms only give you top-line campaign data and only perform as well as the platform/program allows. There is no element of human interaction, intuition, optimization or campaign summary, which may not be the best pathway to marketing efficiency after all.


  1. Direct Access to Exchanges – New platforms and technologies give marketers and their agencies direct access to millions of publisher pages and inventory across the worldwide web. These platforms give advertisers the ability to target audiences based on multitudes of attributes including location, behaviors, CRM data, as well as first- and third-party data. Pros: Direct access to ad exchanges lend new efficiencies on online marketing by combining human- and algorithm-based ad delivery. Many platforms also nurture conversion activity by combining collected campaign/audience data in real time, and optimizing accordingly. Cons: Not all ad platforms integrate data collection capabilities, human optimizations, device level delivery or access to a large portion of the online ad inventory.


  1. Streaming Media: New technologies and platforms allow marketers to buy advertising pods in video and audio streams (such as YouTube, Pandora, IHeartMedia, and soon, cable programming.) Streaming advertising units may be bought directly from the publisher (Native) or via a reseller or RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform. Pros: Advertising during streaming reaches an engaged audience on devices that they regularly use (tablets, desktops, streaming boxes (Roku, Sling, Cable). The ability to target audiences exists based on location and some limited demo/behaviors. Cons: CPM’s tend to be higher on streaming units, however, if you are measuring your cost per acquisition (CPA), it may be an efficient route.


  1. Data/Analytics: New technology allows marketers to gather and collect audience/campaign data by site tagging measures. Marketers can now learn and respond (some, in real time) to how an audience reacts to a message, image, or content. Pros: The wealth of available data gives marketers a breadth of new customer intelligence that can be applied to all facets of business. Cons: New sources of marketing intelligence can cause paralysis, if not used properly. Many times, marketers do not have the sophistication to organize and optimize analytics in a way that is beneficial to future business decisions. There is also usually a hefty investment in software and professional expertise in the area of data/analytics, which may hinder marketing productivity.

In summary, new technologies and processes bring a new dawn of marketing opportunities for savvy marketers. Now is a great time to be researching vendors and partners and formulating a plan to integrate some of these offerings into your Omni channel outreach strategy.

Heather Kramer is the director of strategy and digital media with Essex Digital Platform. She can be reached at, @essex_digital, @mi2cnts4u, and LinkedIn.

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