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Style bundles for men and women: Elevate everyday basics to influence your presence

By Traci McBride

Anyone can become stuck in his or her everyday basics. You know, the black sheath dress and tailored blazer for women and the dark suit and tie or basic jeans and navy sport coat for men.

Everyone wants a quick pick-me-up to stand out a bit more, so having the right style bundles can be your influencer.

Style bundles are always accessories. Ties, scarves, jewelry, shoes, nail polish, belts, hosiery, watches, hats etc. A style bundle is usually two to five items that, when added to basics, such as blouses, shirts, jackets, and dresses, can impact the outfit to look like a brand-new look.

A style bundle visually communicates to others that you pay attention to the details, and that they are worth the effort to do so. Let me give you some visual examples.

Style Bundles1

Fur collars are all the rage this
winter and an easy yet inexpensive way to doll up last year’s blazer, coat or sweater. Finish with a sophisticated leather bag, gloves, and shoes. Instant polish and influence!

Gentlemen can kick-up their Style Bundles2style by stepping-up their details. Concentrate on a cohesive color, such as the navy, grey or burgundy in this example, for a more casual look.

Instantly change your energy and
boost the mood of everyone around Style Bundles3you with a pop of color, even wearing a basic whitecollared blouse and black slacks or jeans. The details in this red example will have others noticing you – even better service from the barista when you wear a style bundle in your power color! Perhaps your power color is orange or teal – whatever it is, be sure it flatters your skin tone.

Style Bundles4Guys, weekends don’t need to be just boring jeans and a shirt. Add this style bundle in navy, with black, grey or denim. The texture of suede, plaid, and leather will have others taking notice and listening to whatever you have to say! That is influence.

Style Bundles5Feeling a little sassy? Use your style bundle to communicate it! These details paired with a black, khaki or chocolate pencil skirt or heck, even tailored jeans, will have all the fun people wanting to talk to you!

Tip #1 Start in your closet and drawers. I just know you have underused or unused accessories tucked away. All the closets I’ve visited over the last eight years have proven to me everyone has goodies tucked away that they forgot about or don’t think go with anything or save for a special day. Today is your special day!

Style Bundles6Tip #2
Lay everything out on a surface at one time. Begin to see the commonality of the items. Honor the memory that your sentimental items hold for you by using them. A scarf that has a similar color to the brooch your favorite aunt gave to you. The cufflinks that your dad gave you on your wedding day that add panache to the fedora you like to wear in the fall.

Tip #3 Step outside of your comfort zone. Try some new combinations. Push yourself. Watch how others react to you. Get your power colors near your face and feel your energy change and your confidence rise. Embrace your new, elevated style while not spending a dime, using what you already own!

Please share with me how this works for you. Experience any challenges or need input? Receive compliments? I want to know! Email and share comments and photos.

Traci McBride is the wardrobe stylist of TeeMcBee Image Consulting and is a longtime supporter of nonprofit Dress for Success-Cleveland. She encourages readers to subscribe to her timely e-zine, schedule a style strategy call, or request her to infuse your staff or organization with a passionate professional punch of style to elevate everyone. 


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