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The art of articulation

By Colleen Harding

There is some concern today about the art of communicating and articulation.

As a society, we spend a lot of time emailing, texting, and tweeting. Verbiage and sentence structure seems to be getting shorter and shorter daily. We now use symbols, initials, and acronyms, which force communication to look more like a treasure hunt, filled with clues, rather than sentences with punctuation.

I may sound like a rotary phone (for those of you who know what one is); however, we should still be able to speak and communicate in different ways. We need to be able to have a conversation that includes eye contact, pauses, and full sentences. We may not use this form of communication as often, but we still need to be able to communicate socially. The idea of visiting, sharing, and having a conversation that includes voice fluctuations and different tones may sound foreign to you. There are people today who are still communicating in this manner.

How we communicate with each other shows how diverse we truly are. I realize some might think the idea of being able to email, text, and tweet and also present in full sentences may sound almost bilingual. It truly can be done. In this day and age we need to be able to wear many hats. That means an occasional fedora for these situations, as well as a ball cap for a more casual environment.

Colleen Harding is a protocol coach and the founder of the Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol. She can be reached at (216) 970-5889 and

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