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By Renée DeLuca Dolan

Leadership and development is the theme for this month’s issue.

It’s hard for me to believe that I have been in business for nearly 20 years and am leading a team and hopefully developing the skills and experiences for a multitude of women and men in sales, marketing, design, publishing, and event services. When I think about all of the lines of businesses we’ve created and the diverse companies and individuals we serve, I’m proud and honored to say I enjoy most the connections and relationships built throughout my tenure as a leader and business owner.

Where I’ve succeeded is hiring the most talented, passionate, generous, respectful, and mindful people in the business. I truly hope they feel as strongly about me as I do about them. As I sit here today writing my letter I’m surrounded by gifts, balloons, drawings, and sentiments for my recent birthday. As a small business owner and entrepreneur our team is more like an extension of our families than business associates, employees, staff or a boss.

We work independently on many projects, creating, organizing, managing, editing, writing, designing, crafting, etc., and when we come together as a team I feel privileged to have surrounded myself with the most talented professionals in the business.

As I look ahead at year 20 I’m hopeful to continue to learn from them, as I have in all of my years in business, how to be a better leader, mentor, connector, and friend. We have a lot to celebrate and look forward to as 2015 is about to close and 2016 is on the horizon.

We look forward to building upon the relationships we’ve created over the years and establishing new relationships with others that need marketing implementation and creative services. One of my goals is to reach out to more of our readers directly in 2016, and, as always, I’m constantly looking for feedback and constructive criticism so we can better serve you in the years ahead.

All my best for a wonderful fall season and happy connecting!

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