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Inspiration for becoming a ‘digitally mindful’ marketing leader in 2016

By Heather Kramer

Digital marketing is no longer a check box item within your business strategy. Literally, every piece of your business should envelope an element of digital innovation and care. Trust me, easier said than done, I know! With every New Year, there is an opportunity to begin more inspired, organized, and mindful than the year before. Here are a few simple thoughts and ideas for becoming a digitally mindful marketing leader in 2016:

1. Respect the Handshake. The handshake is possibly one of the most common and archetypical signs of respect and greeting. Technologically speaking, the handshake’ is also equally important. Are all of your most important assets shaking hands? Do they work together with respect? Do they greet each other or work against each other? Consider your website, social media, email output, CRM systems, communications devices, professional network groups, earned and owned media, corporate and personal messaging, and reporting systems.

2. Embrace the Chrysalis Effect. Like a caterpillar waiting to emerge as something new, so are you, and probably so is your company. To be a top digital innovator in your business category, you must consider new ideas, practices, technologies, partners, and processes. Embrace the digital transformations and act as a change catalyst in your company. It is important to find employees and businesses that also share your passion for innovation and change. Be brave, and spread your wings.

3. Practice Mindfulness and Intent. New technology and digital evolution is breeding an in the moment fervor. It is easy to loose perspective in an on demand business culture. Establish your systems of response. Anticipate challenges in your social, customer service, employee communications, and vendor relationship channels, and meet them with mindful, thoughtful communications aligned with your business culture.

4. Collect and Curate Your Data. You do not live in a vacuum, and you should not be afraid of data. Multiple mechanisms are available to measure and analyze everything from email campaigns to social media posts – and everything in between. Because of its actionable and extensible nature, data can act as a conduit of power between internal and external business lines. Spark it up!

5. Become a Student. “When inspiration does not come to me, I go halfway to meet it” – Sigmund Freud. More often than not, you don’t know what you don’t know. Taking the steps to exploring new concepts and ideas takes one-half inspiration and one-half effort. Become a student and learn more about what you don’t already know! Talk with others in your industry, and push yourself out of your comfort zone to associate with new vendors and potential partners. Read industry publications about digital marketing and communications. Network and love new information!

6. Innovate. Be inspired by big and small brands. Tell and sell your thoughts on why your company needs to think differently. Take risks. Sell ideas. Understand technology and application. Always be able to measure and justify your ideas. Dig in, inspire others, and challenge outdated systems. There’s always a way to do better – find it!

Most of all, love what you do in 2016.

Heather Kramer is the director of strategy and digital media with Essex Digital Platform. She can be reached at, @essex_digital, @mi2cnts4u, and LinkedIn.


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