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Change one thing: Elevate before 2016 arrives

By Traci McBride

Change1Thing-1What dressing, grooming or shopping habits have you developed over the past 30, 40 or 50 (or more) years? Are all those habits serving you? Along the way have you become stuck in a rut but keep doing it that way because you don’t know what else to do?

While I’m in closets and dressing rooms with men and women across Northeast Ohio, I see all kinds of long-held beliefs. I will often ask why a client wears that item or why she bought this one. In the process I can help direct the client to consider another way of dressing. I have him or her look in the mirror to demonstrate how just changing one thing will increase confidence and save money.

Many times I hear from well-meaning people, “I am going to work with you when I lose [the magic number of pounds] and get new clothes.” Then I’ll see the person again and again at events over the next year, and he or she is still in the same boat wearing clothes that do not serve or showcase his or her brilliance.

Sometimes the excuse is, “After my kids are off to college or “When I get a decent job” or ... Meanwhile, the person is continuing to buy clothes for all the occasions of life – and unfortunately not the right clothes.

A professional wardrobe stylist will make every buck you spend count. Learn to see the big picture: Get more from the investment by creating multiple looks from the same pieces as they are coordinated in unique ways. You’ll look like you spent a million bucks except its all on a budget that you determine. My challenge you is to just CHANGE ONE THING before 2016.

Here is a recent example that represents a theme I often see and discuss with clients.

Change1Thing-2Tailoring. While performing a Closet Detox I can see clothing that isn’t fitting correctly: rolled sleeves, baggy at the bust, the break of a pant leg, blazers, skirts or dresses too long, etc. So I pull out my clothespins and show how the item would fit if we tailored it. Wow it’s eye-opening! Usually the client appears taller, streamlined, detail-oriented, polished, and professional.

Then I’ll ask, “Do you like this piece enough to invest another x-amount of money into it or would you rather put that money toward a new item? A wardrobe coach and stylist helps you make these decisions deliberately rather than randomly, the way you used to when standing by yourself in a mall dressing room with a wellmeaning sales clerk at the door telling you the outfit looks great.

Are you ready to change one thing? Change1Thing-3
Here are some
other changes
consider making.Once you do, you will feel and look better. Just changing that one thing will motivate you make another change, because after all, we never get it all done.

Change1Thing-4How about your make-up routine?
It’s easy to get in a habit that no longer serves you as you mature.

How about your scent? Your eyewear?Change1Thing-5

Men, do your accessories need an update? How about your briefcase? Updating to leather speaks volumes.

As you can see, there are many ways to kick it up a notch (or more) that will visually communicate who you are and what you stand for in your life.

Are you up to my challenge to change one thing before 2016?


I’d love to hear from you on what you Change1Thing-6
decided change.

Traci McBride is the wardrobe stylist of TeeMcBee Image Consulting and is a longtime supporter of nonprofit Dress for Success-Cleveland. She can be reached via email and her website.


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