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By Patricia Faulhaber  |  Photo by McKinley Wiley

The best employee appreciation, rewards, and recognition programs should be easy to set up and easy to use while offering top-brand products at a savings. Companies that see value in offering employee engagement and appreciation programs to their workforce as a way to drive a culture of rewards and recognition will find a resource in VIPerks when building an effective and sought-after employee rewards program.

As a company offering a technology-based product, VIPerks is focused on providing human resources and benefits staff with a turnkey employee appreciation program using private websites where employees can purchase name-brand products deeply discounted off retail pricing. The company converges technology with employee appreciation and discount shopping as an employment perk to improve employee retention and productivity.

Two friends who graduated high school together, Eric Golubitsky and Brian Weisman, had an idea in 2012 for a website that would offer Black Friday deals every day. The plan was to charge consumers an annual membership fee to shop the site.

After completing new market research showing they were approaching a highly competitive market with low margins, they developed a different business plan. They created a hyper-exclusive employee discount marketplace that could only be accessed by employees of a subscribing company as a perk of employment.

Scott Moss, vice president and partner, said the company pivoted to the new business plan two-and-a-half years ago and has seen tremendous growth and opportunity.

“The company started beta testing the new website with three companies for three months, and they got concept validation and also peeked the interest of the Goodyear company while at a trade show,” Moss says.

“Today we have nearly 50 contracted companies and over 100,000 employee users enjoying the over 300 name-brand products we offer, all at discounted prices. These days it takes more than healthcare and salaries to attract and retain talented employees,” he says. “Our target audiences are those companies with human resources and benefits staff that see a value in providing additional perks and benefits.”

Moss said they work with companies of all sizes and across all vertical industries headquartered in northeast Ohio and all over the United States. Subscribing companies access a private website created by VIPerks.

The private website displays the subscriber’s company name, logo, colors, mission, vision, and core values. Employees of the subscriber companies log on to to see a catalog of products from top companies such as Keurig, Sony, Coach, Black & Decker, Crayola, Lego, Bose, Pandora, Beats, Dyson, and Callaway Golf.

Moss says VIPerks in several ways sets itself apart from other websites that offer discounted products.

“Many employee discount programs point employees to public retail websites where the employee would get mediocre discounts at best. We set ourselves apart by being a private retailer. We handle the entire retail transaction along with all customer service. Employees using VIPerks reach out to us for questions. Plus, we guarantee the best price on the products we sell, making our program a true perk,” says Moss.

Moss says VIPerks wants to disrupt the employee rewards and recognition industry that is “fragmented, bulky, and confusing.” The company wants to make it simpler and cost effective by offering a turnkey technology solution required for a successful employee engagement initiative.

Beginning in the first quarter of 2016, companies will be able to do self-onboarding and set up its private website in about five minutes. By using VIPerks, companies will only have to download their employee lists, logo and company colors, and custom messaging, and the software will take care of the rest.

People in human resources won’t have the burden of launching or administering the program; VIPerks will do it all. VIPerks can also conduct launch events at company headquarters with giveaways and raffles as part of a company’s benefits fair.

Moss is a veteran of the employee engagement industry and has experience with employee appreciation and rewards and recognition programs. It is a $40 billion-plus industry, and he says the same types of points-based programs are offered over and over. Those solutions tend to be expensive and consultant heavy.

“The programs often end up being confusing for employees to understand because they’re based on a point system. VIPerks simplifies the process with turnkey software that creates a transparent, dollar-based reward and recognition system that seamlessly integrates with our discount program,” Moss says.

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