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Rock your marketing in 2016 — one voice, one vision, one team

By Katherine Miracle

One Voice — Optics help your company to see what your potential customers view about you. An online search by a potential customer or influencer would include the word “review.” Although it is true that a potential customer who learned about your brand may never do a review search, what if they do? What will they find?

Please review the links on page one of a search on your company name and the word review and then do a search using your name with the word review. Example:

Miracle Resources Review

Katherine Miracle Review

The words used to communicate your brand create a perception, so promote your best work while tracking your online reputation. From the New York Times: “So tracking a business’s online reputation is a critical part of building a thriving company,” experts said.

“Star ratings persist forever,” said Daniel Lemin, author of “ManipuRated: How Business Owners Can Fight Fraudulent Online Ratings and Reviews.” “Meanwhile, actual reviews can fall off the first pages of review sites. And consumers rarely read reviews older than three months.” After problems are addressed and solved, he added, there’s a high chance that disgruntled customers can become avid advocates.

Three actions needed:

  • Any bad reviews could be fixed through a simple action: When customers are served or their order is delivered, they should be asked to give a review on the above sites from your search. This would result in new reviews that potential customers can see, thus resulting in trust and credibility.
  • If possible, the customers who gave their names on bad reviews should be contacted to discuss ways your company can help them. Do an inventory of the most discussed problem and fix the problem!
  • The more your company can showcase new offerings and new plans for your company, the consumer can see the change and that the old reviews do not reflect your company.

One Vision — Visually does your brand reflect your product/service?

Three Actions Needed:

  • Focus groups are needed to help you identify brand disconnects. Ask for a marketing audit (some agencies and firms will do this free). Learn what is not working and brand correctly.
  • A marketing advisory board made up of best customers will help your marketing materials, website, and social media be consistent and on brand.
  • Make An Impact 2016 is your year to be creative and wow your potential and current customers.

One Team — Do all team members represent your company/brand positively?

Three Actions Needed:

  • Internal marketing builds your brand through your network, customers, employees, and alliances. To market is to push your product. To internally market is to educate, show value, and motivate.

Needs assessment for your target market: The assessment for your target market is only complete when you secure the real problem of the customer/client. The need/real problem is found through appreciative inquiry. No matter how you collect this information, the key is how you ask the question.

Example: “If our product could meet your needs, what would that look like?”

“If our product was successful in one year, what would happen for you?”

  • The internal assessment for your team: Internal marketing is built through teamwork, so consider have each team member take the MBTI test at click on Jung typology test and take the free question test. The team will benefit from knowing each other’s results and will learn about themselves.
  • Your team can make an impact if you are willing to focus on meeting customers’ needs while you protect and promote your brand. Training for all team members is crucial to help your team members see how their personal brand impacts the company brand. The company brand also impacts every team member, so a great trainer will help your team engage in team charters that will take your team’s talents to the extreme.

Katherine Miracle is the president of Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing, public relations and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness. She is a strategic personal branding expert and the author of “Your Strategic Personal Brand.” Please connect with her via email or Twitter.



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