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Proper etiquette means making personal grooming a priority

By Colleen Harding

It is a difficult topic to discuss. It makes most of us uncomfortable to think that someone might not be properly groomed for work. Sometimes it is a cultural situation. In many countries, people do not shower daily or weekly, for that matter. It is considered the norm.

In this country personal grooming is very important. We spend a lot of time and money on hairstylists, hairdressers, barbers, manicure/pedicure professionals, waxing specialists, colognes, and perfumes, etc. Personal grooming is big businesses for a reason. An individual who is properly groomed conveys a confidence that they are prepared for any environment or individual they may encounter. Poor hygiene may present the opposite effect. It can be offensive and difficult to endure for clients and co-workers.

I am writing this uncomfortable article because it is the topic of many questions during my trainings and seminars. Questions are asked regularly about how to handle a situation or individual that does not make personal grooming a priority. It can represent a significant distraction in the workplace if it persists and is not addressed carefully.

Some individuals with poor hygiene habits may not realize there is a problem. They may not be used to cutting, coloring, clipping, shaving, trimming, polishing or bathing regularly. They may not be used to visiting an occasional barber or hair salon regularly and find it to be an unnecessary expense. The fact is that it is the complete opposite.

Here are a few tips:

  • Proper grooming takes place in the home and not at work. No one wants to hear you clipping your nails in your cubical or see you plucking anything over the sink in the office bathroom.
  • Your cologne or perfume should be pleasant and light. It should not be overpowering or used to mask or cover anything.

Proper hygiene and grooming is necessary to convey a professional image. Therefore, it is necessary to invest all grooming services available to you. Think of it as part of your professional presentation and an investment in your confidence.

Colleen Harding is a protocol coach and the founder of the Cleveland School of Etiquette and Corporate Protocol. She can be reached at (216) 970-5889 and


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