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Is it all worth it? If you’re doing what you love, there’s your answer

“A burning desire to be and to do is the starting point from which the dreamer must take off. Dreams are not born of indifference, laziness or lack of ambition.” — Napoleon Hill

By Lisa Ryan

If all jobs paid exactly the same amount of money, would you be doing what you’re doing now? If your answer is “yes,” congratulations – you are doing what you are meant to be doing. If the answer is “no,” think about what you would like to accomplish instead. Your answer to this question may lead you to the discovery of your burning desire.

When I was in medical sales, I was doing very well financially. Although I had wanted to pursue a speaking career since 1989, I felt trapped in the “golden handcuffs” of success. I thought I could never work for less money than I was currently making. However, when my position was eliminated, I found that not only was I able to live on a lot less money, I was so much happier that I didn’t notice the initial difference in income. Within a very short period of time, I was flourishing on every level. My business was growing as I was doing what I absolutely loved. My relationships deepened, and I connected with like-minded entrepreneurs that helped and supported me in my ventures. My energy level increased as I was being who I was meant to be instead of just “doing” a job. I continue to marvel at the synchronicities that come into play on a regular basis. Doing what you love creates a true virtuous cycle.

Take a moment now and assess the key areas of your life — career, relationships, family, financial, health, spiritual, and personal growth. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being “Not satisfied at all” and 10 being “This is great!” where do you rank? Evaluate your answers in each category. Where are you thriving? What needs work?

Our initial impulse is to only look at the parts of our lives that are lacking in satisfaction. Instead of only concentrating on the areas that need work, make sure you continue to do what you’re doing in the areas that you’re ranking high. Enjoy them to the fullest. When you ponder the parts of your life that need work, think of how you can bump up your satisfaction by just a notch. Remember, it took you awhile to get where you are; you’re not going to change it overnight.

Today take one small action that moves you forward in your less than perfect areas. It’s all about taking “baby steps.” A little bit of effort now will pay big dividends later as you continue to pay attention to bringing more balance to your life.

Pursuing your dream takes determination, commitment, and lots of hard work. There are times that you will wonder if it was all worth it, and yet when you look back on your life through the lens of “no regrets,” you will be grateful for following your heart’s desires and creating the life you want.

Remember, people always have more regrets about the things that they didn’t do vs. the things they did.

Employee engagement expert and motivational speaker Lisa Ryan works with organizations to help them keep their top talent and best customers from becoming someone else’s. For more information, she can be reached at (216) 225-8027 and her Grategy website.



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