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Corporate Event Caterer of the Year (OFFSITE) — Driftwood Catering

Led by brother-sister combo Chris and Catie Hodgson, Driftwood Catering considers the offsite arm of its business to be a mobile restaurant that has no desire for “hot box catering.” For example, while executing Holden Arboretum’s 400-person Woodland Twilight Benefit in the middle of a garden, Driftwood was not deterred by the lack of a kitchen space. Instead it drove in restaurant-quality ovens, stoves, and refrigeration so that it could still cook onsite at the event. “Our clientele has the peace of mind to know that when they contract us for an event, no matter what venue they select, they will be receiving the quality of food they receive when dining in one of our many acclaimed restaurants,” Corporate Manager Nicole Bakker said. Driftwood’s sales team is at the forefront of cutting-edge trends in rentals and design. While helping to plan the annual holiday party for Hyland Software, which boasts 2,000 employees, the caterer presented a themed Hyland Cinema, with a different popular movie, such as Star Wars, highlighting each room of the venue. “The teamwork and cohesion we have built between our back-of-the-house and front-of-the-house departments have allowed us to create unforgettable events,” Bakker said. At the Western Reserve Land Conservancy’s EverGreen EverBlue event, each level of Rustbelt Reclamation’s three-story working warehouse reflected a new element of the party. On the first level, servers wore shirts from each of the top four Rustbelt cities in the nation while passing appetizers that reflected those cities. “All of the bars and tabletops were made in the factory, showcasing the amazing work (Rustbelt Reclamation does) there,” Bakker said. “It truly highlighted our unique ability to execute a multi-faceted event with ingenuity.” Along with Bakker, Driftwood hired executive chef Jason Reed and “event guru” Tawny Criblez in 2015.

Runners-up: A Taste of Excellence; Executive Caterers; Marigold Catering; Zack Bruell Events.


2015 — Driftwood Catering
2014 — A Taste of Excellence
2013 — Executive Caterers
2012 — Marigold Catering
2011 — Marigold Catering
2010 — Executive Caterers
2009 — Sammy’s
2008 — Marigold Catering
2007 — Marigold Catering

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