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Corporate Event Caterer of the Year (Onsite) — Marigold Catering

Marigold Catering owner Joan Rosenthal would be the first to say that no one ever said the event planning business was for the faint of heart. Marigold learned as much Nov. 7 at one of its exclusive venues, the Museum of Contemporary Art. For nearly a month the company had planned for a Cleveland Cavaliers event that would be attended by 250 guests, including the majority of Cavaliers players and officers, as well as several VIPs. Further, Marigold collaborated with an event planner in New York and was not to discuss the event with anyone. “This was to be an extremely important, high-profile gathering, and they expected only two things from us: discretion and perfection,” Rosenthal said. “Well, they certainly had our attention.” Marigold was thrilled when the New York planner approved its recommendations. Aware of looming deadlines and the high expectations of the Cavaliers organization, it moved quickly to execute its plan, including handling all deposits and vendor contracts on its client’s behalf with the assurance that all expenses would be reimbursed prior to the event. “We were in countdown mode, so commitments were made and event plans were solidified,” Rosenthal said. Approximately 10 days before the event, the meeting planner alerted Marigold that she and three individuals closely connected to the planning would visit the space and finalize any remaining details. On Oct. 31 – one week prior to the event—the event planner walked in with Iman Shumpert, his fiancée Tianna, and her mother. “It was then that we learned that the Cavs were sponsoring this event to honor Iman and Tianna, who were expecting their first child,” Rosenthal said. “Naturally, we were giddy with excitement upon realizing the significance of the event entrusted to us. However, our ebullience quickly faded and was replaced by a sense of panic as the trio unceremoniously scratched our plans, asked us to cancel our vendors, and demanded a revised plan by the end of the day.” Complicating matters, Marigold was already serving more than 1,500 guests at various Cleveland locations that day and hadn’t anticipated or scheduled time for re-imagining the MOCA event, cancelling multiple vendors or negotiating returns of deposits. Without looking back, Marigold immediately began to reboot. Its team pulled together and quickly created an event concept within the new parameters. “Despite all the challenges and uncertainties we faced throughout the process, Marigold pulled off an event that was, by all accounts, nothing short of amazing,” Rosenthal said. “While this particular event goes down as one of the most memorable in Marigold’s 20-year history, facing obstacles and challenges throughout an event-planning process is hardly unusual for us.”

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