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Corporate Event Production Company Of The Year — Ghostlight Productions

At GhostLight Productions, there’s no problem too big to overcome. With Home Sweet Homes, the Sept. 26 biennial fundraiser for North Coast Community Homes, GhostLight was hired for complete event design and production services. The client wanted the event to be outside the Aloft Hotel as much as possible to enjoy the lakefront view. For 600-plus guests to all have dinner al fresco at the same time, a tented venue was needed—two tents to be exact. The hotel owned one tent, which was planned by the engineers when the complex was constructed a few years earlier. Because of this, steel tent anchor bolts were embedded in the concrete pad in the veranda’s courtyard. The anchor bolts could hold a tent through gusty Lake Erie windstorms, but GhostLight needed a second tent based on the estimated head count. GhostLight principal David Shimp set to work on detailed CAD drawings to set the location of the second tent. Enter the original building consultant, architect, and engineer. Hours of meetings with the original building construction team were required to figure out if a second tent was doable—let alone how to anchor it since no tent anchors were embedded in the grass, only in the concrete pad next to the building. The team worked out the complex water ballasting system of the second tent and a smaller production tent, and the City of Cleveland Building and Housing Department was kept informed every step of the way. All of these challenges had to marry with the event organizers’ desired guest flow and experience. “How to have an auctioneer in two tents at once? Easy—build a small connector tent to create a stage set that all could see, as well as quite a few live cameras and easy view screens,” Shimp said. “How to get the huge water ballasts onto the garage rooftop veranda without damaging the expensive tile floors of the glass connector hallway and using a crane from street level? Easy—build special ramps over the door thresholds to protect the floors and carefully slide the ballasts out to the veranda. No problem. The result you ask? Perfection! Amazing evening. Challenge accepted and accomplished.”

For the Aug. 29 REAP benefit for the Refugee Response, Shimp was tasked with the construction of a large tent on Bridge Ave in Ohio City east of W. 24th (behind the West Side Market). “No worries, right? Street closures are a well-honed arrow in David’s quiver,” GhostLight CEO Deborah Hermann said. “That is until the Cleveland Water Department decides to do a little pipeline improvement two weeks before the fundraising event.” After a panicked call from the manager of the Ohio City Farm, GhostLight arrived on the scene to see a 4-inch temporary hydrant pipeline running down Bridge Avenue in the street next to the sidewalk. “How were hundreds of invited guests going to negotiate that tripping hazard?” Hermann said. “We had already applied for the street closure permit and we couldn’t move the tent due to safety services (EMS/Fire/Police) entry and egress down Bridge Ave. What’s a producer to do?” For safety reasons, a plywood covering was built on site by carpenters, and the design of the food stations was incorporated into the new footprint. The food station tables in the tent were elevated and covered the pipeline. “We asked the questions that allowed everyone to pull together for an important fundraiser—and friendraiser, as it turned out,” Hermann said.

Runners-up: Colortone Staging and Rentals; Rock The House; Solus Lighting; Vincent Lighting Systems.


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