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Corporate Event Rental Company Of The Year — AAble Rents

In the second week of June, in the heat of the busy season for a tent rental company, a key component of the AAble Rents operations staff — the operations manager/dispatcher — left the company. Co-owners Ramsey and Brandon Duqum immediately knew what had to be done. Ramsey went from sales to operations and Brandon continued to work in the operations field as an installer and trainer. While taking control of his role, Ramsey knew he needed to rally the operations staff to continue pushing through the season. “And they did,” he said. While navigating through the most difficult obstacle for the company in recent memory, every member of the AAble team played a part in achieving one of its greatest milestones. “In 2015 we both shattered our revenue predictions and had a record-setting year in sales. This meant more to us than just an adjustment in our financial statement,” Ramsey Duqum said. “What it funneled down to was a change in operations as our busy season went by. In July, while keeping in mind our work-life balance as well as being certain to keep quality and service at the top of our list, we began vetting orders to guarantee quality work over quantity work. This involves actually turning down orders, which, in our industry, is the exception, not the norm. (We) came to this conclusion to be sure that our clients received the quality and service that they expect and deserve. Also, they knew how important a healthy work-life balance is and they knew our operations staff was putting in astronomical man hours to be sure every client’s order was perfect.”

One of those customers was Akron Children’s Hospital, which was hosting its 125th anniversary gala on Sept. 12. The event would require a tremendous amount of product staging, logistics, and coordination. Originally, the idea was to have the event on the grass mall in front of the Children’s Hospital but the area was not quite large enough. The next stop was on the top floor of a parking garage, a scenario that AAble Rents had proven possible in the past. The only obstacle was the weight of the tent and anchor weights for this size of tent – it was just too much for the structure. From the top of this parking garage, we found where we needed to be – a brand-new employee parking area with ample space. The tents that were decided on for the event were two separate Clearspan structures seamed together, measuring 100 x 100 feet and 132 x 148 feet, with full flooring, carpeting, and heaters. These two structures were then connected using a custom transition piece as well as a custom gutter, to help protect the guests from the elements. With ancillary tents, the tenting square footage exceeded 33,000 square feet. “For perspective, this would be about the size of a NFL football field,” Duqum said. “To help maintain our work-life balance as well as our quality and service guarantee, this install lasted two full weeks and due to the proximity to the freeway, had the whole city of Akron abuzz.”

For the Sunflower Soiree, AAble Rents provided the largest Sailcloth tent in the United States. The company also catered to the Cleveland Pride event, which was scheduled for June 27. The function was completely wiped out by rain but rescheduled for Aug. 8. “Fifteen tents went unutilized, 292 tables stood alone, 596 chairs went unseated, and 40,000 people went without a place to celebrate equality and human rights the weekend gay marriage was legalized in the United States,” Duqum said. “The week of Aug. 8 AAble was back on site because the show must always go on.”

Runners-up: Event Source; Everything Tented; L’nique Linens; Let’s Entertain Party Rentals.


2015 — AAble Rents
2014 — L’Nique Linens
2013 — Event Source
2012 — Everything Tented
2011 — Event Source
2010 — Event Source
2009 — Event Source
2008 — Event Source
2007 — (no award)

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