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Why your customer stopped loving your brand

By Katherine Miracle

The truth about love is … it takes work. So let me ask you a tough question. Why do your customers say “no” to your brand? Not sure? Well, sadly most brands are created to solve a problem but lose their way when they stop working.

Here are the ways that they stop working:

Your customers do not feel significant to your brand. Example: A customer has purchased several times and is ready to make another purchase. Your salesperson is not aware of the history of the customer, and the customer feels insignificant. Your brand has now lost equity with the customer.

Your customer is bored with your brand. There is no variety in your marketing, in your products or promotions. Example: Your last try at a new promotion, event, contest or social media campaign was put on hold due to other priorities in your company. Your brand is now in jeopardy of losing your customer.

A problem has happened with your product or service. Example: The product does not work as planned — it happens, but how you handle it can be a train wreck or an opportunity — if your team does not listen or communicate through immediate response. Your customer has lost trust in your brand.

Your customer is uncertain of your connection to them. Example: Communication is not consistent. Your brand is now not a priority to your customer, and they are now sharing their concerns about your brand on social media.

You do not know your customers expectations. Example: Your customers have no way to share what they expect. Your competitor is listening, and your customer is now in love with someone else.

Tough stuff right? How can you win when all of the above can happen?

Well the good news is right in front of you — your team! Your team needs brand training, which, along with team building, will lead to increased revenue through engaging current customers and attracting new customers.

So make it fun by engaging your team in a short monthly training that everyone in the company attends so everyone is informed and motivated. Set a goal for 2017 to plan a monthly fun event with training for your team. If you want your customers to fall in love with your brand, you need do your work to make that love last!

Katherine Miracle is the founder and CEO of Miracle Resources, an award-winning full-service marketing, public relations, and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness. She is a strategic personal branding expert, an award-winning speaker/trainer, and the author of “Discovering Your Dawn,” “Marketing That Drives Revenue,” and “Your Strategic Personal Brand.” She can be reached at and via Twitter.

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