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By Mary Malik  |  Photo by Jim Baron

Many downtown businesses that offer employees the flexibility to work from home are doing just that for the RNC week in Cleveland. Avoiding the headaches associated with the event is a great option; however, not every company is prepared to make that choice.

“We have helped many of our clients to prepare for the RNC so their employees can be flexible and avoid downtown,” Travis Grundke, operations manager at Ashton Technology Solutions in Beachwood, says. “As a company, we are a managed services provider. We like to think of ourselves as a special forces team. If a business has a lingering problem they haven’t been able to solve, we delve into the infrastructure of the current system and find a solution.”

The relationships that Ashton Technology Solutions forms with clients is ongoing, so they are prepared to devise a plan for businesses to remain functional, and employees to operate seamlessly whether in or out of the office.

“Every client is different. Many are already set up to work from home, and others may have the infrastructure in place to do it but haven’t needed it yet,” Grundke says. “Still others haven’t felt the need to upgrade. We work with every level of technological know-how.”

Even though the “cloud” is the buzzword of the technology industry, Grundke says it can mean different things to different companies.

“People get very nervous thinking everything has to be in the cloud,” Grundke says. “It’s not a single solution. There are many different solutions depending on the needs of the client. We can create a private data center on all employees’ laptops, where they can access anything all data in regards to their business from anywhere they happen to be. It’s a great solution for a situation like the RNC week because it can be temporary if that’s what the client wants.”

According to Grundke, businesses need to decide for themselves if they should be providing these services in which employees can work away from the office.

“Many of our clients are asking these questions as a direct result of the RNC,” Grundke says. “Employees need to take time off for many different reasons. Can they be away from the office and do work? The RNC has kick started that conversation for many businesses.”

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