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By Mary Malik   |   Photo by John Goldy

As vice president of care delivery and executive director of MetroHealth Select, Holly Perzy, MD, spends her days laser-focused on how patients can better access care through the MetroHealth system.

Specializing in pediatrics and internal medicine, 30 percent of Dr. Perzy’s time is spent in her clinical practice at MetroHealth. She finds that staying involved with patient care makes her a better administrator. “It’s in my clinical practice that I see patients of all ages, cradle to grave, so I really hear every day what people of all stages of life are going through to try and access healthcare for themselves and their families,” Dr. Perzy says. “Then I get to go back to my care delivery job and try and come up with solutions to these problems.”

One solution recently introduced is the MetroHealth Select Direct primary care membership program. Select Direct falls under Dr. Perzy’s ever-widening umbrella and is just one of many programs she describes as part of the evolution of healthcare delivery at MetroHealth.

Select Direct is an alternative payment model for direct primary care services. Offering three tiers of membership plans, each with its own monthly rate, the program provides significant savings to members and their families. Doctor visits and a variety of screenings and immunizations are all covered by the monthly fee, and patients have access to more than 200 MetroHealth primary care physicians at several locations.

“People are struggling,” Dr. Perzy says. “The thing about healthcare is that there’s never just one solution for everyone. So we are offering many solutions, and Select Direct is one of them. Every day I hear from patients needing affordable, basic care for small children, elderly parents, and for themselves. We’re trying to find answers that work for all.”

Together with Akram Boutros, MD, the president and CEO of the MetroHealth System, Dr. Perzy has researched direct primary care models for healthcare around the country, with the goal of establishing MetroHealth as a healthcare solutions company.

“I love my job because I’m an out-of-the-box thinker,” Dr. Perzy says. “I’m always trying to come up with innovative, nontraditional solutions to healthcare issues. Care delivery involves looking at all of the different ways and venues that we at MetroHealth can not only treat patients when they are sick but really create healthcare solutions for people at every stage of life.”

The Select Direct plans were developed to appeal to a multitude of demographics. Anyone from small businesses looking for money-saving solutions to benefit employees to individuals struggling with basic healthcare needs may be attracted to Select Direct.

“In the United States, 11.9 percent of the adult population is still uninsured,” Dr. Boutros says. “And 20 percent of those receiving employer coverage have high deductible plans or cannot afford copays and co-insurance, and are therefore avoiding essential screenings and preventive and health maintenance services. We want to find solutions to these issues.”

Dr. Boutros says that Select Direct provides services in an affordable and predictable manner, promoting wellness and reducing stress and financial risk. Creating a partnership between the patient and the provider promotes the joint goal of helping the patient stay healthy. And that’s a good thing for everyone.

“I grew up in Strongsville, went to John Carroll University and Case Western Medical School,” Dr. Perzy says. “Cleveland girl born and raised and very proud of that. It’s nice to be able to get creative in my job and help people here in a meaningful way.” 

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