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By Renée DeLuca Dolan

It’s hard to believe we’re back to school, back to our “regular routines,” and that our fall event schedule is upon us. In this issue I’m most proud of the individuals that we are featuring as our speakers, presenters, facilitators from around the state of Ohio, and nationally endorsed business authors at this year’s fifth-annual female entrepreneur summit Oct. 26. Here are a few of my favorite highlights:

• An access to capital center that will include BGV, ECDI, JumpStart, and MAGNET

• A minority certification resource center that will include representatives from WBENC, SBA, LGBT/PLEXUS, B.CORPS, WOB, AND WBE

• Morning breakfast and book signing hour

• Luncheon keynote presentation by Cindy Monroe, Founder of Thirty-One Gifts. She started her business in 2003, now worth nearly $1 billion!

• Intentional networking all day long

• A culinary showcase of our top female chefs, wine, and food pairings

The details of the event can be reviewed on pages 23-26, including the list of presenters, agenda, and registrations and sponsorship information. All CBC readers get a $25 discount, so be sure to use your access code, and if you’re not a current paid subscriber, visit to subscribe and save today.

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