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Several factors can drive a company’s computer storage choices

By Roger Mitan

Choosing the correct storage for your infrastructure has always been a difficult topic. Today there are more choices than ever:

  • Do I need SSD, Hybrid, or SAS?
  • How many iops do I need?
  • How much latency is acceptable?
  • What brand of storage should I purchase?

These are just some of the questions we face when choosing storage both internally and in the cloud environment.

One way to approach this is to start by looking at your current environment and any possible storage-related pain points that currently exist. Perhaps you have users complaining of systems running slow. Reports are taking a long time to generate. Queries seem to take twice as long as they used to. These problems could all be symptoms of storage that can’t keep up with demand.

How do you determine if this is a storage problem or something else? Start by ensuring you have proper systems-monitoring tools in place. With the right tools you will be able to more quickly pinpoint the cause of the issue. A sure sign your storage can’t keep up would be a high disk queue length. This indicates there are items waiting to be written to or read from storage. If your storage can’t keep up, these requests will start to stack up quickly.

Once you have determined your pain points, work with an informed trusted partner to determine what type of storage you will need (see cloud computing glossary). This partner will help you decide how many iops (input output operations per second) your applications will need and what type or tier of storage (SSD, Hybrid, SAS, etc.) would best fit  your needs. The trusted partner should also work with you to plan out your storage growth, both amount of storage and performance. This growth will then be factored in to determine the best storage choices for your environment and the scalability of those choices.

The fastest storage isn’t always the best choice, especially where budgets are concerned. Know your environment and reach out for help. A second set of eyes is always helpful in solving any problem. Making a good and informed decision today will save a lot of time and money both today and in the future.

Roger Mitan is the director of engineering with BlueBridge Networks, a downtown Cleveland-headquartered data-center and cloud computing business. He can be reached at (216) 621-2583 and


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