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The cost of procrastination in your closet

By Traci McBride

Recently I received a blog post from a time-management expert about procrastination. It had me thinking about how that same topic applies to your closet, and that what’s in your closet influences your personal and professional image. And that image, in turn, influences your relationships both personal and professionally.

We communicate details of what others can expect from us by how we put ourselves together each day – and what we can expect of ourselves. Are you deliberate with your image or haphazard? I often hear, “As soon as I get through this big project at work, I’ll invest in my image.” Another popular procrastination phrase is, “As soon as I hit my goal weight, I’ll work on it.”

mcbride_0916_1Whatever your personal reason is for procrastinating on improving your image, I’d like to share what some of the costs could be in your life and career. Why the closet? That is where it all begins. We all begin our day in the closet. How do I know this? No one is walking around naked, so at some point in your morning routine you walk into or reach into a closet or dresser to get your clothes.

Consider the cost of procrastination

Missed opportunities: If you are not dressing for the next job or the next client, you can and will be over looked.

Loss of confidence: I’ve been told many times some version of this: “I just didn’t feel comfortable with myself and didn’t apply/raised my hand or attend an event. I sat in the back and just listened as I was too intimidated by all the others to speak up.”mcbride_0916_2

Life stress: Have you ever turned down an invite because you didn’t feel you had the right type of clothes to attend an event that wasn’t in your usual experience?

Time waster: Do you change clothes 2-5 times before leaving for the day? You feel you want to change it up, but you’re not sure how or where to begin – so you wear what you’ve worn dozens of times before.

Boredom: You’ll procrastinate when you begin to feel stuck in a rut, bored with the all-black look and feeling dated and tired.

mcbride_0916_3Panic: You’re Invited to a gala, wedding, reunion or a work conference and panic. You have no idea where to begin and want to avoid rushing to buy more of the “same old.”

Delayed goals: Studies have found weight loss goals are reached faster when you improve your wardrobe as you lose right away rather than waiting until the goal is reached. Replacing key garments and tailoring as needed will keep you looking great through the process, and will help celebrate and honor yourself.mcbride_0916_4

So how do you know if you are a candidate for elevating your personal and professional image? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you ready and willing to improve your current personal image?
  • Are you ready to invest money and time into your wardrobe so you can enjoy more confidence and influence?
  • Are you willing to see yourself from a different perspective?
  • Do you want a promotion as an employee, or as a business owner do you want to reach the next level of your business?

Traci McBride is the wardrobe stylist of TeeMcBee Image Consulting and is a longtime supporter of nonprofit Dress for Success-Cleveland.


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