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Do your relationships elevate your brand?

By Katherine Miracle

A wise woman named Linda Bloom asked me, “Katherine, are your clients your best friends?” I quickly replied, “No, we have a professional relationship.”

Linda then shared the secret to keeping business relationships. The secret is to build a trust that displays how you can help and to build a bond so strong it will never break. I needed to hear this because my relationships were visiting clients with my staff, and I was very formal, always showing perfection. My mistake was that I was trying so hard that the client did not get to know me. As I became accountable, I looked at my public speaking. I was formal and people would often write to me that they learned so much but knew I was very busy and they did not want to bug me after my speech. How sad. I tried so hard to be perfect that I was unapproachable and did not truly build relationships.

As a motivational speaker and marketer, I knew I had to open up, tell my truth, and treat clients as I treat my friends and family. I started telling stories about the crazy mistakes I make, and I used my mistakes to help others. Miracle Resources started to have coffee or lunch with every client; no agenda “just come to the table and we will listen.”

As we listened, we saw so many people hurting and carrying shadows that held them back from success. When I started teaching college I saw students who struggled. At the same time I heard from clients and audience members at my speeches that they needed help unlocking their potential. I tried to find a book that would help but could not find one. In an effort to help others, I exposed my mistakes, pain and tragedy in my first book, “Discovering Your Dawn.”

The book has been a wake-up call and has helped people in four countries. Miracle Resources has been amazed at how supportive clients were of the book. Miracle Resources relationships grew deep and during the tough economy our clients stayed. The economy made it tough to get new clients, but we could survive with the clients we had. It became clear in 2010 that many of our competitors would close and what may surprise you is we did not race to get their clients. Our networking and relationship building led to our competitors sending their clients to Miracle Resources.

What do you need to risk or be open about to build relationships?

Katherine Miracle is the founder and CEO of Miracle Resources, a marketing, public relations, and training firm that helps clients increase revenue and awareness. She is a strategic personal branding expert and the author of “Your Strategic Personal Brand.” She can be reached at or Twitter.


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