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Energize your work culture in the New Year

By Sunny K. Lurie

Does your work culture energize or exhaust employees? Fostering wellbeing in your culture will not only create a healthy, energized workplace but also provide a better work experience.

So what is “wellbeing?” It’s a focus on the whole person— from physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and career wellness — for happier, more productive employees. Workplace wellbeing programs are evolving rapidly as companies consider it to be a critical element for business success.

Organizations that follow the traditional single approach to physical wellness with Fitbits and blood work are often unable to sustain positive results. The broader new generation of wellness, connecting mind and body, is helping to ignite behavioral change and long-term performance. The concept of “whole-person wellbeing,” which was rare even 10 years ago, is growing in companies large and small. Organizations today are increasingly seeing young workers drawn to workplaces that value health and wellbeing.

Companies are asking employees broader questions about their wellbeing with an interest in what energizes them, helps them grow, and creates a sense of purpose. Wellbeing initiatives drive passion and success, with 46 percent of employees involved in a wellbeing program stating they are more engaged at work and 64 percent saying they are proud of their company culture.

According to the National Wellness Institute and Gallup, five key areas represent wellbeing of the total person, as shown below. There are easy ways to energize your workplace, even with limited resources. Here are ideas you can put into practice to touch each of the five key areas:

  • Career Wellness: Select one month to focus on personal strengths and talents. Ask each person to identify their top strength and incorporate it in their job with approval of their manager.
  • Social Wellness: Promote a team effort to apply Feng Shui tips to boost energy and declutter the office.
  • Intellectual Wellness: Create a growth opportunity day where employees are able to plan ahead to do whatever work inspires them in the company for the day and after share what they learned.
  • Emotional Wellness: Provide de-stress education to calm the mind and skillfully handle challenges.
  • Physical Wellness: Start lunchtime yoga or stretch band sessions with a professional or training videos.

Health and wellbeing programs are evolving. Cleveland is a hub of health care innovation, and our employees can benefit from the latest workplace practices. A new year is a great time to begin the conversation about health and wellness in our organizations. Look for ways to regularly support wellbeing, mind, and body, and help your work culture thrive in 2017.

If you have questions about workplace performance, please email me.

Sunny K. Lurie, Ph.D., is the CEO of Advanced Performance, which helps organizations maximize employee engagement, motivation, and performance by promoting organizational well-being.

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