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The power of the end-of-year wardrobe review: Looking back before moving forward

By Traci McBride

wardrobereview1To support a more stylish New Year, it helps to be brutal and really look at the wardrobe choices you made this past year.

Don’t go shopping before you’ve done this.

One way to achieve this review: If you are active on social media, there are probably many photos of you on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. What do you see when you study images of yourself?

  • Do you love your hairstyle?
  • Guys, how does that beard or mustache look? Well groomed?
  • Ladies, is your make-up still looking polished and modern?
  • Are you wearing flattering colors, texture, print, and shine?
  • Does it look like you are wearing the same thing every day? I especially see this if someone wears a lot of black or grey — it looks the same on social media.

Studying those photos objectively, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Would I date that person?
  • Would I hire that person?
  • Would I want to meet that person?
  • Then ask, What is that person visually communicating to me? Modern, confident, influential, relatable, friendly, fun, interesting, polished, sexy?

Next is reviewing your closet. What do you find?wardrobereview2

  • Items that don’t fit well.
  • Items you’ve never worn, with tags still on.
  • Items you really like but rarely or never wear.
  • Items that you put on but then change your mind and take off.
  • Items that make you feel really confident.
  • Items that you enjoy wearing and that you always get noticed and complimented on.
  • Items you like but you never reach for because they require ironing or dry cleaning.
  • Items that are all very similar.
  • Items you are bored with.

wardrobereview3Once you’ve gathered your thoughts and notes on what did and did not work for you in 2016, you can decide how to best move forward.

Since I spend a lot of time in closets of all over Northeast Ohio, I can share the questions I hear the most often from those craving change.

  • I want to attract love into my life. Where do I begin?
  • I want color, but I’m afraid of color. Where do I begin?
  • I want to be considered for new opportunities at work. How do I do that?
  • I don’t like my reflection and am tired of changing multiple times before leaving each day. How can I change that?
  • I need less stuff and want to look polished. Is that possible?
  • My body has changed so much, I just don’t feel confident anymore. Can you help me?
  • I have fit issues and need help in knowing what works for me. Can you show me that?
  • How do I get an easy effortless way to pack and get dressed each day, if that is possible?

What do you crave in your closet? What do you want in your life? Harness the power of your wardrobe and you can have it all! Let me support you in achieving that.

Traci McBride has been the chief stylist at TeeMcBee Image Consulting since 2008. She is certified by Stacy London of TLC fame. Her secret power is to help others see themselves through different eyes while celebrating and loving their authentic selves. She offers complimentary phone consultations. Questions can also be emailed to her at

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