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Three simple steps to career management

By Kris McGuigan

The key to a successful career transition is to assess your fit, develop a unique value-added brand, and connect to the right resources and opportunities. Below, I outline three simple steps to a solid career management plan:

  • Assess: Take time to discover the internal and external factors that drive you (and will, subsequently, drive your search). Consider the tasks you enjoy doing most, the environment you thrive within, and – most importantly – why you work. Take note of the values that drive your decision making. Pulling together these important pieces of the puzzle will bring a clear target into view.
  • Brand: Once you have established a well-defined objective, you will need a toolkit of verbal and written marketing materials to position you for the job. Writing a winning resume with a complementary cover letter will attract the hiring agents’ attention. Developing a powerful professional presence on LinkedIn and other online platforms will ensure they remain interested. Finally, seal the deal by articulating your personal brand over the phone and in face-to-face conversations.
  • Connect: After establishing a compelling career brand, you will want to connect to the people and opportunities that can secure your future. Cultivate your network with a balance of virtual and in-person interaction. Tap into your network to uncover job opportunities in your target field and/or company. Help contacts to support your efforts by being as specific as possible when requesting information and/or introductions.

The rules above apply not only to jobseekers but also those looking to advance their careers. Assess your target, position yourself for success with strong verbal and written branding, and set aside time to network and creating meaningful relationships with people that can help to forward your career. It’s as easy as A … B … C!

Kris McGuigan is Cleveland’s only Academy Certified Resume Writer and a trusted career advisor. She is the founder and president of Professional Courage, LLC and would love to connect with readers at She can be also reached at (216) 403-5243.


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